Saturday, 17 June 2023

Night of the Impossible Terror - A Live Performance June 5th 2023

 Follow the adventure in the haunted Pillsbury Mansion, where an insainly rich carrot women gets murdered! The greatest detectives of all time, the 3 donuts are on the case!


Sarah as Egg
Elissia as Lissy
Nyssa as Oaty
Renan as Dr. Clementine
Na'Ima as Dede Dodo
Annika as Ms. Bossy Pants
Morgan as Farmenr Bob
Sophie as Maple
Zora as Glazed
Alaya as Jelly Filled
Nia as the Narrator

Lighting by: Emma
Sound Engineer: Ben 
Sound Design and Spot Light:
Props and Stage Manager:
Thank you: Grayson

Written and Directed by:
Blaise Kolodychuk

(c) 2023

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