Sunday, 4 June 2023

Nandi Bear Tenants Adventures!


Join the adventure when the Nandi Bear Tenants are sent to find a missing astronaut, things get out of control when they stubble into the middle of an interplanetary war! Meanwhile back on Earth, Rose and Rick the giant floating ghostly head are trying to learn how to live a totally different life with 7 orphans!

Written and Made by:

Blaise Kolodychuk



Narrator - Randolph West 

Dorriss - Jennifer Illanes Hartley 

Naiad - Rachelle Ymay Skilling  

Veltrax - Kelton Kolodychuk  

Klor - Kaziah Schriml  

Rose - Ava Wheeler  

Rick the Head - Terence Ramsay

Zuzu - Zora Ismail  

Grulu - Sophie MacLellan 

Fred - Beau Skilling 

Kate - Kate Stokowski  

Cindy - Alaya Palacio   

Ricky - Ward Skilling   

Keith - Gus Williams  

Xevioid Leader - Zena Ukisu  

Tarples Leader - Liz Contos

Auntie Nandi - Mary Armstrong  

Forclune - Blaise Kolodychuk

(c) 2023 SC Entertainment

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