Saturday, 28 January 2023

Rabbit Ears News Episode 316 and Trading Cards

Rabbit Ears News: The Weekly Carrot - Episode 316: Join in the Games

Fabulous TV for Children and Adults!
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Join Beth the Bunny, Mr. Blaise and Magic in the Rabbit Ears New York television studio for an adventure in songs, stories and fun! 

This episode features:
Brush Yo Teefs!
Coast to Coast With Pun Pun and Dave!
Galaxy Weather!
Rabbit Ears Reviews!
and lots more!

A new experience in children's television! 

Beth Murray
Blaise Kolodychuk
Elaine Boyling

With Special Guest Stars:
Sarah Moon
Gus Williams
Stella Williams
Randolph West
Terence Ramsay
Frankie VanRooyen
Lorelei and Posie


Includes Yellow, Brown and Black sets.
108 Different Cards
Individual Packs of 6 or
Full Set (18 packs) available

Full colour images from over 30 years of
SC Films, Television and more!

Includes SC Battle Royale Card Game
on the back of every card!

Find me and ask for a pack!

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