Sunday 25 September 2022

Rabbit Ears News: The Weekly Carrot - Episode 301

The world premiere of Season 3!!
Join Beth the Bunny, Mr. Blaise and Magic in the Rabbit Ears 
New York television studio for an adventure in songs, stories and fun! 

This episode features:
Nandi Bear Tenants!
Julia Animation!
The Thoughtful Dodo!
and lots more!
A new experience in children's television! 

Beth Murray
Blaise Kolodychuk
Elaine Boyling

With Special Guests:
Randolph West 
Jennifer Illanes Hartley 
Rachelle Ymay Skilling  
Kelton Kolodychuk  
Kaziah Schriml  
Ava Wheeler  
Terence Ramsay
Zora Ismail 

Saturday 10 September 2022

SC News! Super Important! Please Read! September 10th 2022

Hello my dearest and oldest friends, welcome to a very special edition of the fabulous SC Entertainment Newsletter.

After an absolutely astoundingly successful campaign to get more people to subscribe, I can let you know we have no fewer and no more than 4 new subscribers! Thank you for the love young people. 

Some history.. the SC Newsletter has been around for at least 25 years. So you are a part of a jolly grand old tradition dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Of course back then you would have gotten an actual paper thing in the mail from me.. a couple old examples:


Now that the 39th Anniversary has just passed, it is always important to remember the good old days.

A few exciting things: I am really trying to place more importance on this newsletter, and the official SC Entertainment website:  and less importance on social media. Honestly mostly because I was totally scammed on facebook and may or may not have lost huge amounts of money to evil internet people... (apparently they are still investigating...) What can you do to help you might be saying to yourself?? Well, share my crap with your friends, and forward my newsletters to unsuspecting people in your address book!

That'll show 'em!

Now with what's been going on.

Well, for the moment I have stopped the Saturday Morning Cereal Super Show, as well as the Monday Night SC Cinema.

(watch old episodes here: )  Because I'm not sure where I should be uploading or promoting these sorts of things at the moment. (Stupid facebook) I may still continue to use instagram because I don't have many options.. my newsletter doesn't go out to that many people.. and far less actually open it once it hits their inbox. (Also I am well aware that facebook owns instagram... life is hard people)

But Rabbit Ears the Show must go on! And for the moment, Rabbit Ears News - The Daily Carrot Episode 1 is scheduled to drop on September 24th. It is a year of hard work, and I have SO MUCH let to do and film for this series, I will be working hard for another year.

It will be 32 episodes of pure joy and mayhem! I hope you enjoy it with and without the children in your life. I can say with absolute honesty that kids love the show. And I can also say with absolute honesty, that I love it, and I have never put so much effort and time into anything in my life like I have with this series. Viva La Rabbitears!

What else is happening? 

The usual I guess. 

You can always be part of my secret club and get amazing gifts, and wild and crazy secret information from me:

Or if you are feeling like listening to some of my lifetime's worth of music that I have made, start with this lovely handy dandy playlist on Spotify:

A selection of Pun Pun and Dave products is available HERE.

Tell your kids to come to my 'every second sunday online art classes'

All the info and dates and times are here:

I guess thats all for now. Maybe next time I will tell you all about the new film I am currently writing, to be made next year. It's a big one.. huge in fact.. I will be looking for people to help.. But thats a discussion for another newsletter.

Lots of love,


Remember to share this nonsense.

Monday 5 September 2022

Not a great weekend.

 Hey friends. Please read!

I am going to try to stop posting on facebook so much. 

My facebook advertising account was hacked, and long story short, I have been robbed of a large sum of money (That I don't have). The whole thing has disheartened me in a huge way. 

But the things I do are still very important (at least to me), and it would break my heart if you all missed out on my films, and Rabbit Ears and all the other artistic things I do.

So I very much encourage you to sign up for my mailing list, so you don't miss out. Please also share the link with your friends, in case people miss this post.

Hopefully this hacked nightmare thing I'm going through ends better than it is now.. Thanks so much!!

Sign up here: 

Cinnamon Bun Cake I ate for SC's 39th Anniversary. 

September Patreon Prize Draw!

First Saturday Patreon Giveaway September 2022
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