Sunday 20 February 2022


Rabbit Ears Finale - Episode 219:
The Surprise Phone Call 

The season 2 finale!
Join Beth the Bunny, Mr. Blaise and Magic underground for an adventure in songs, stories and fun! 
This last episode features:
Julia Animation
The Adventures of Sydney and Truffles
The Thoughtful Dodo
and lots more!
A new experience in children's television! 

Beth Murray
Blaise Kolodychuk
Elaine Boyling

With Special Guests:
Klarisse Gishti
Frankie Vanrooyen
Kelton Kolodychuk

Thanks so much for watching Rabbit Ears this season!
We are working on plans for a new season at some point! Keep your fingers crossed for more!
if you are interested in getting a few free Rabbit ears stickers mailed to you, let me know!!

Take care,
Blaise Kolodychuk

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Monday Night Cinema!

Monday Night Cinema is a new weekly show here at SC Entertainment! It will feature an episodic  adventure every Monday at 6:00pm (And available forever after that)

We have already started the 9 part GHOST TANK! So please join us every Monday for piles of adventure and fun! (generally it will be a +14 feature..)

make sure you tell your friends to tune in!