Friday, 20 August 2021

SC Entertainment History - 2014

 The first part of 2014 was dedicated to working on the very exciting Dorriss Doom cartoon. Which in turn was also reigniting my love of my old comic heroes and making comics!

 Another wildly silly and different kind of thing we did this year was to make a 9 part weekly radio drama about Beefart and Cheenkaw, it was played Monday nights on CJSW. The whole thing was completely improvised by me and Terence... It's ridiculous, to the max.

I released a 10 record set of SC Entertainment film music. It is honestly one of the most useful things I have done, and I continually go back to these volumes to grab some SC music for various productions.

We went to the Calgary Entertainment Expo this year wil hopes to sell the new Dorriss Doom DVD. We were also asked to have a screening of World of the Uncanny, and then at the last moment we were also asked to show Dorriss Doom. The world of the Uncanny screening was less than eventful, with very few people attending, but the Dorriss Doom screening was packed, and people got very excited! To the point where kids were asking for my autograph and buying all out copies of the DVD. It was maybe the most successful Comic con we ever attended. 

Jennifer Hartley even cosplayed at Dorriss Doom at the event. It was a great time.

Meanwhile I had been recording a new fukachuk egg machine record. I hate to say it is mostly forgettable.. for me at least, but there were definitely a few good songs. Street Worms comes to mind.

We did spend a day shooting an interesting video for one of the songs. Our friend Emilia came over and I did a bunch of stop motion animation using her feet and pastries.

By the time the summer had come, I had decided to get back into making comics again, in a serious way. The Nandi Bear Tenants were born, and began a huge sprawling story that continues. I wanted to get it printed properly and beautifully, and sell as many copies as I could, so I started up a successful indiegogo campaign. I worked very hard and released my first 50 page graphic novel. For me it was a huge deal.  people loved it and it was put in the library at the school where I work, where it still is one of the most popular books to get out.

Then I made an album of old coyboy cover songs... I learned a lot about old time cowboys while making it, and I guess that's the point. I was inspired when I was hanging out at an old folks home and there were a couple people there putting on a concert, singing old songs.. one of the songs they sang was comanche, and I got pretty excited.

For my birthday that year the Electric Oinks played live, and it was absolutely awesome.. playing old favourites and new songs.. everyone was disgusted and happy by the end of the show.

And finally to end the year I thought I should make the ultimate SC Entertainment Holiday special. It has become a tradition to watch it every year, and is a compilation of a bunch of short films hosted by me and Terence. So many exciting short films were made in the last couple months of 2014!

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