Friday, 26 March 2021

March News from your Favourite Group of Super Heroes.

Nandi Bear Tenants Book 4 - The Revenge of Super Punk


Go get it, right freaking NOW!!

In other news... Puppets!

Due to Covid19, my new children's series "Rabbit Ears" is postponed for a few more months.
But have no fear! I will begin a new version of the show in APRIL 2021! It's called "Rabbit Ears News" and it is 12 shorter episodes hosted by Beth the Bunny. It will have exciting segments including songs and stories by Mr.Blaise and Magic, as well as music videos, comedy with Pun Pun the goat and Dave the sorta-fish-man, and so much more! Rabbit Ears News will also feature 4 very special episodes dedicated to Lucy the Street Reporter who talks to teens about important issues.

Coming next month!

The regular series is by no means cancelled either, and will still be coming to you and your children later this year!

More info coming soon on an actual premiere date!

Go to the official website to sign up for updates:

Or go like the facebook page:

Last bit of news, I was asked to help create a lovely video for Samaria Nancy Cardinal, So I shot and edited this.. you can check it out below!

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