Saturday 23 January 2021

2021 News Flash!

 Just a quick update on whats going on in SC Entertainmentland.. 

Hello all you wonderful people who love Nandi Bear Tenants!! Just wanted to send out a quick update about my progress. 

It is progressing.

I just finished page 87 today out of 104 pages.. so basically it's getting much closer. After I finish drawing, inking, and painting every one of the 104 pages, I will still need to scan them all into my computer, and put together each of the 104 pages on there, by creating all the separate panels on each page and adding all the dialogue... then I upload it all, hope for the best and wait till it gets published. After that I wait for the copies to come in you all ordered. Hopefully there won't be too much of a covid delay.

Anyway, it's coming together, and it's a lot of work. But absolutely worth it.

Anyone who ordered a T-Shirt, they are in a box at the foot of my bed. I will probably just send them all out with the books, unless you request I send it sooner.

This is tentatively the cover for the book. I like it, and unless something weird happens, it will probably stay.

I have also been insanely busy working on my new children series "Rabbit Ears" It is filled with different interesting segments for kids. Right now we are just waiting for Covid to scram so we can all fit in an underground rabbit hole and film the live action host segments!

Check out the website here:

here is the Holiday special we made with some fun sing-a-long songs..


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