Wednesday 30 September 2020

Nandi Bear Tenants Book 4

So you may or may not have noticed I have been writing and drawing the next book in the exciting Nandi Bear Tenants series... Still looking for people to take an interest in it. I just want to explain why I'm asking for donations. Aka pre-orders... As it's not really generally my style. I make lots of things, and people generally get very excited to participate and to enjoy the stuff I do. I make movies. Big shot feature movies with next to no budget. I put any extra money I have into making to best products I can. I also make music. Which is probably the most personally time and soul consuming thing I do. And as part of the idea behind what SC Entertainment is I make everything available for free to enjoy. Every movie and album I ever made is available right now on the internet for free. Please go watch, listen and download! And tell your friends! My point is, the Nandi Bear Tenants books are not manufactured by me. I just don't have a printing press in my basement... So I have to get them made somewhere else. And it's pretty expensive. When I finish the new book I will want to get as many printed as possible. Not just to fulfill people's orders but so I have extra to sell and give away at comic shows and stores. I love my comics, and they have been a huge deal to lots of kids over the years. 

So basically that's why I'm asking you to support my new book. It's the one thing I really don't have the power to give away for free. I would if I could. 

I love you!

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