Saturday, 29 September 2018

Nandi Bear Tenants Official Trailer! and Fall Arty-Pants!


The full length action packed, absolutely amazing Saturday morning TV experience.
Ripped from the pages of the "wildly popular" comic book, the Nandi Bear Tenants go on an all new adventure! Cats are missing, friends are turned to stone, entire species are being eaten, and long necked stretchy blue ladies are being very annoying.

Watch all the action unfold on October 27th! Tell your kids! Tell your Grandma! Shout from your window like a crazy person!

I have been obsessively working on this film since January, and it is finally all coming together next month. I can't explain how excited and satisfied I am right now!

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The fall block of Arty-Pants classes is now accepting students!
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I think thats all until Nandi Bear Tenants comes out on October 27th!! (And your life changes forever)

-Love Blaise