Monday, 27 August 2018

Nandi Bear Tenants - The Animated Feature

This entire year has been taken up making this amazing monster of a beast movie. I am a little more than half done. Animation takes time.
The film will be like watching Saturday morning television, and it is split up in to 7 episodes. The story of kind of a sequel to the second book of Nandi Bear Tenants and it has all your favourite characters. All the cats in the country have gone missing, and it is up to the Nandi bear Tenants to solve the mystery, in the mean time they meet the mythical Medusa, a villainous Vampire Badger, and the stretchable Zebedah! Lots of Action and lots of ridiculous scenerios await in this magical masterpiece of madness! I'm super excited, and have literally been drawing pictures of cats and wolvchas for 8 months straight now. It's going to blow your mind. I have no set release date yet, because honestly it is taking a while.
But in the mean time here are some exclusive pictures so far!

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