Monday, 27 August 2018

SC Entertainment 35th Anniversary!

Today is the day! 35 years ago me and Terry made this junk up and I have been hopelessly obsessed with making stuff ever since. To the point where it's mostly just annoying!

Anyway, I had a big SC 35th anniversary special planned, but this year has been slightly too crazy to get that particular project done. I still have hopes that I will get it made, but it won't be done by today.

The real important thing is that I am continuing the dream. Making weird stuff and either forcing people to do it with me, or getting people to use their hidden talents to make the world a better place. Probably both. This year has seen a very cool short film I made with Sue and Elaine, as well and hundreds of hours put in to my next animated feature. Of which I am only a little more than half done. It has also seen a lot of terrible personal stuff go down, which sucked. But in the end me, Elaine Boyling and Terence Ramsay are out there every single weekend having the best times of our lives. Those two friends of mine make this all possible. And I know they make fun of my weird schemes and my hopeless OCD, but they do it because they know me so well, and it keeps me going to make more and more stuff that gets seen and heard by like 15 or 16 people every year.

I'm 42 years old now, and I'm clearly delusional. But it's not going to stop. Yesterday I told one of my favourite SC actors, Rene Gonzalez, "Dude, expect phone calls from me to be in my weird movies when you are 90 years old." And as long as I live that long, you can be guaranteed to be enjoying SC Entertainment. and enjoying it as free as possible.

Happy 35th Birthday!

Nandi Bear Tenants Live Action Segments

For the Nandi Bear Tenants Animated Feature, there are loads of in between segments between the episodes. To give it the feeling that you really are watching television in your pajamas and eating cereal.

Most of the live action segments have been shot this August, with a few more I'm hoping to shoot in September.

Here are a few super exclusive photos from some of the shoots.

The Signal

For about a year, very on and off, me, Sue and Elaine have been working hard with a bunch of really talented actors to make a really groovy short film written by Sue. It's kind of a sequel to her cyber-punk short we made a few years ago. This time a mad scientist has unleased a virus on Earth, wiping out most of the population. One woman has the cure and this is the story of her journey to get it to Tabula-Rasa, where other freedom fighters are. basically it's a totally cool post apocalyptic film and you should watch it right now!

Nandi Bear Tenants - The Animated Feature

This entire year has been taken up making this amazing monster of a beast movie. I am a little more than half done. Animation takes time.
The film will be like watching Saturday morning television, and it is split up in to 7 episodes. The story of kind of a sequel to the second book of Nandi Bear Tenants and it has all your favourite characters. All the cats in the country have gone missing, and it is up to the Nandi bear Tenants to solve the mystery, in the mean time they meet the mythical Medusa, a villainous Vampire Badger, and the stretchable Zebedah! Lots of Action and lots of ridiculous scenerios await in this magical masterpiece of madness! I'm super excited, and have literally been drawing pictures of cats and wolvchas for 8 months straight now. It's going to blow your mind. I have no set release date yet, because honestly it is taking a while.
But in the mean time here are some exclusive pictures so far!

Arty-Pants Movie Camp 2018

In July I held 2 weeks of day camps for kids like I do every year. The first week is all about art and the second week is a fully functional movie crew.

This is this year's results!

Revenge of the Beast in the Depths of Tartar Sauce

Bonus! The Making of the Movie!

Death Ray Gun Retrospective

In 1999 Elaine Boyling found Blaise Kolodychuk on the internet. They decided that they should make noises together and record them long distance. This was life for many years. Eventually Elaine came to Canada and they got married and turned into Dinojubilee and more. But these are the experiments that made everything possible and started a life long friendship made from noises.
This retrospective includes my favourite music from nine different albums recorded between 2000 and 2008. It also includes "Rey Fenix" the first new Death Ray Gun song recorded in 10 years.

It was released on the 10th anniversary of Elaine coming to Canada.

Cashew Body - Shoes That I Can Wear - May 26th 2018

After the tragic death of my brother, I didn't know what else to do so I spent time recording an album dedicated to him.


Near the end of April my little brother Xavier passed away suddenly. It is an absolute tragedy. He is missed terribly.

Here is a video I made for his memorial.

He can be seen is the SC Productions:

World of the Uncanny:

Dorriss Doom:

Night of the Shadow People Screening - April 27th

This year at the Calgary comic and entertainment expo there was a screening of our super mega blockbuster sci-fi extravaganza Night of the Shadow People. It went better than expected with quite a few people showing up.. and some even staying to the end!!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Update 2018

Blaise Kolodychuk: Being a total jerk to his friends since 1983.
Hey, it's been a long weird hard year here at SC Entertainment, and I haven't had much time to update the website much. I will be trying to rectify that in the next couple days and get this place up to date with everything thats happened, and everything that we are working on now. It's a lot. And the SC Entertainment 35th Anniversary is coming up soon! August 27th is the day you want to take off work in case you need to celebrate. Nothing huge is planned at the moment. Chances are it will be me and Terry and Elaine going out to get a beverage. But that's okay too.

More posts coming soon. I promise!