Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My School 9 - Shooting this summer.

In 1981 my brother Lafe, (who I learned everything I know from, and is basically the greatest person who ever lived) started making a series of horror films called 'My School' About the vicious killer Kevin Markson and his evil Teddy bear. I grew up watching them every day and they are basically part of my DNA. It was a 10 part series of films. In 1993 part 10 was completed, however there was a problem, he never made part 9. 24 years later part 9 still remains un-made. This summer, with his permission, I am going to complete the saga of Kevin Markson by shooting My School 9. The film has been cast and things are in motion to start shooting in a few weeks... if you or anyone you know can help out with our money raising shenanigans, please do.. it will actually make a huge difference and mean the world to this film. Thanks!

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