Sunday 12 March 2017

Debut Cashew Body Album Out March 24th

Blaise Kolodychuk's new music project 'Cashew Body' will release 'Death of a Galaxy' on March 24th 2017. 
The album will contain 14 original songs. The download version will also contain 2 extra exclusive b-side tracks. 

After making music as fukachuk egg machine for 19 years, Blaise has decided to slightly reinvent and change the name to Cashew Body. The music is a mix of industrial, rock, experimental electronic and folk music, with a twist of doom. The album is a voyeuristic look at someone going through a particularly nasty time, the music is raw, angry and some of the darkest of Blaise's career. It will be a joy to listen to.

Have a sneak peak of the track 'Snake Ladder' here:

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