Saturday, 8 October 2016

Night of the Shadow People Official Trailer

Coming soon!

Far in the reaches of space is a mysterious forest planet. The only city  is covered by massive domes. Isabel and Simeon the robot have both had their memories wiped. They venture awayinto the forest in search of who they are, meeting Beanstock the magician along the way. He escaped the city in hopes of finding the legendary Lizard Girl.
Meanwhile, Olesia has been captured by the oppressive and controlling city security counsel,she is set to be executed in a ceremony the leaders say will save the city from ‘Cloud Attacks’ that would destroy everything.
When the skies go dark, that’s when the Shadow People come out, sinister shadow monsters that feast on the souls of everything that isn’t inside the city dome.
Isabel and Simeon the Robot are searching for their past, Beanstalk is searching for his future with the Lizard Girl, and Olesia is just running for her life when she meets the mysterious Leroy Dyes. They will take a journey in to another dimension to help them discover the truth.. Who are the real enemies? And what happened to a planet that used to be full of cities, but is now down to only one?

Night of the Shadow People. Written and dirested by Blaise Kolodychuk.
Starring: Alana Fischer, Rachael Amo-Mensah, Jennifer Hartley, Terence James Ramsay, Randolph West, Rene' Gonzalez, Chengis Javeri, Hussein Juma, Charlotte Muller, Kelton Kolodychuk and more......