Saturday, 17 December 2016

Happy Holidays from SC Entertainment 2016!!

A traditional Christmas tale to warm your heart. With Terence Ramsay and Blaise Kolodychuk with special guest star Elaine Boyling (Who incidentally does not fall into the idiot category.)

 See the whole SC Entertainmet Holiday Special here:

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Night of the Shadow People Official Trailer

Coming soon!

Far in the reaches of space is a mysterious forest planet. The only city  is covered by massive domes. Isabel and Simeon the robot have both had their memories wiped. They venture awayinto the forest in search of who they are, meeting Beanstock the magician along the way. He escaped the city in hopes of finding the legendary Lizard Girl.
Meanwhile, Olesia has been captured by the oppressive and controlling city security counsel,she is set to be executed in a ceremony the leaders say will save the city from ‘Cloud Attacks’ that would destroy everything.
When the skies go dark, that’s when the Shadow People come out, sinister shadow monsters that feast on the souls of everything that isn’t inside the city dome.
Isabel and Simeon the Robot are searching for their past, Beanstalk is searching for his future with the Lizard Girl, and Olesia is just running for her life when she meets the mysterious Leroy Dyes. They will take a journey in to another dimension to help them discover the truth.. Who are the real enemies? And what happened to a planet that used to be full of cities, but is now down to only one?

Night of the Shadow People. Written and dirested by Blaise Kolodychuk.
Starring: Alana Fischer, Rachael Amo-Mensah, Jennifer Hartley, Terence James Ramsay, Randolph West, Rene' Gonzalez, Chengis Javeri, Hussein Juma, Charlotte Muller, Kelton Kolodychuk and more......

Saturday, 27 August 2016

33 Years of SC Entertainment + Night of the Shadow People pics!

Today SC Entertainment has been around exactly 33 years. It's been a life long obsession and it makes things better than they would be without SC. It's an anniversary of my friendship with Terry Ramsay and all the ridiculous things we have done with our lives. It's a celebration of all the hundreds of people we have worked with over the decades to make our lives more interesting. Thank you to everyone who has ever been involved. SC Entertainment is my way of living, and I wouldn't want to live without it. 

Anyway, sentimental stuff aside, here are some cool pictures from what SC has been up to all year. We are still shooting, but only for a couple more weekends. The movie is unbelievable, and the most adventurous thing I have ever done. I've been putting it together and it's gonna be amazing.. I promise. The best ever. Here's the pics:

Randolph West, Alana Fischer, Jennifer Hartley

Rachael Amo-Mensah

Rene Gonzalez

Chengis Javeri

Terence Ramsay

Rachael Amo-Mensah
Charlotte Muller

Jennifer Hartley, Alana Fischer

Johnny Auchie, Kelton Kolodychuk

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Costume Party Part One

Meet some of the new characters from the upcoming new film being shot this summer, Night of the Shadow People! We had a costume fitting and snapped some photos..

Left to Right: Hussein Juma as Punch, Charlotte Muller as The Lizard Girl, Randolph West as Beanstalk, and Rachael Amo-Mensah as Olesia. We will be doing some more costume tests in a couple weeks, so stay tuned for more cool pictures.

Our funding campaign has finished and I'm happy to announce that we made 130% of our goal!!! Allowing me to do things like have cool costumes and props and stuff that will make this the most exciting film I have ever made! Thank you so much to all to donors who helped out this film in massive ways.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

First Official Image from Night of the Shadow People

Check out this new poster featuring the character Simeon the robot! (Played by Jennifer Hartley)

There is only a few days left in the funding campaign.. we have gone over our goal!
Please go here to find out more!!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Night of the Shadow People to start shooting in July!

My new film, Night of the Shadow People has finished casting, and is in full pre-production, with costumes, props and sets starting to be made. It is all very exciting.
Please help us to reach our very tiny funding goal of $1000. Either by making a donation (Which actually would just translate into pre-ordering a copy of the film), or by sharing the link with people you know. Let's make this movie as totally amazing as possible!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Electric Oinks Radio Feature

The Electric Oinks were lucky enough to have an entire radio special dedicated to them on CJSW this week (Thank you Penny and Smoth).. Enjoy the mysteries and totally uncomfortable sounds of me and Terence. Not suitable for kids!!

The playlist is...

Cat is psycho - 1984
Carbonated mustard - 1988
Neon Bells - 1989
Joey and his bike - 1990
No Pants - Live in studio
Ghost Rape - Live in studio
Pee Pee Time - Live in Studio
Adventure's end - 2015

The Electric Oinks entire 30+ year back catalogue of music can be downloaded for free here:

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Night of the Shadow People in pre-production!

The script to my new film has been completed. I am starting to cast people. It's happening right now. I plan to shoot it in August / September. The film takes place on another world, with evil people controlling the society, and unholy monsters in the vast alien forests, and robots, magicians and heroes... and a darkness that is coming to the planet that can't be stopped....
Sounds exciting right? I think so.. anyway, to keep up to date on the action please follow the facebook page for this film:

I will probably try to do a crowd funding campaign, so if you are itching to give away all your money to me, I will give you that opportunity. It would really make a difference in something like this. My first purely sci-fi film. Talk to you soon!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Imitative Magic now available to watch on-line!!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Imitative Magic is now available to the whole world for free. Watch my latest feature film... Adventure! People getting their still beating hearts ripped out of their chests! Weird Villains! Ghosts! And possibly SC's first on screen make out session (That one film with me and Scott doesn't count...)

Anyway, what are you waiting for.. love conquers all in Imitative Magic!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Important Website Info..

Just a notice, will no longer work for this website.

It will continue to be reached at

Please take note if any of your bookmarks or links still point to the .org address... they are wrong!!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Imitative Magic Reviewed.

Film Review of “Imitative Magic” by Vahini Govender

Imitative Magic has a very large cast.
I enjoyed the colour tone of the film.
Nigel stood out, despite his minimal screen time.
Elaine’s vocals haunt this film.
I’m used to watching movies where people talk to ghosts.
I cringed when Cadence wore her boots on the bed.
The Chief of Police is a most memorable character.
I couldn’t hear the crazy masked guy very well in his first scene.
I wondered if Cadence and Bert fell off his bike after they rode off.
Cadence’s brother is so needed in this film.
The animation is so awesome.
I do not want to be like Bert’s parents.
My favourite scenes are the ones with The Mosquito.
There is some excellent creative editing in this film.
This film is nerdy and surrealistic.
It was good.
It was worth thinking about.

Vahini Govender is an artist and writer who lives on Vancouver Island Canada.
More info about her can be found on her website:

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Imitative Magic will be avilable to watch on-line!

February 14th! Imitative Magic will finally be available to the world!
Watch Trailer:
More info:

I hope everyone is as excited about getting to watch my new film as I am!