Tuesday 7 July 2015

Space Station Zero in High Quality and Imitative Magic

Starting today, July 7th, for anyone who has children, or great taste, the first 10 episodes of Space Station Zero from the astounding year 2007,are now available in their original DVD quality online for the first time! Indoctrinate any children you can get your hands on who may not even have been alive when Space Station Zero was first on the internet 8 years ago! Sit your kids in front of the computer for like over 6 hours of me, Terry and Marisa trying to be the greatest children's show hosts of all time! Also available will be the 3 episodes from 2010.... Will I ever finally edit the last 7 episodes that were filmed that year??? Only if the masses truly demand I do! So let your voice be heard!!

Click here for all episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFB6CAC5B1F76307

In other news, our new amazingly cool feature film about Beefart and Cheenkaw's greatest fan, and her mail man... and the villainous Guadalupe Caracara starts shooting this Saturday! I am horribly excited about it, and I think it will prove to be SC's greatest triumph to date. For all the news, behind the scenes stuff and updates, please follow Imitative Magic on facebook! Go there right now!! Go!!

Also.. here is something creepy I made in 2008 that you can watch: https://youtu.be/f-dDJCXwEdk

That's all for now.. I'll be crazy busy for the rest of the summer shooting this feature film.. wish me luck!