Tuesday 14 April 2015

Imitative Magic and Calgary Expo!

Hello! We are going to be shooting a brand new feature length film this summer called 'Imitative Magic' and it is going to be crazy rad. Our local heroes and super crime fighting monster hunters, Detectives Beefart and Cheenkaw have gone missing, right in the middle of a bizarre murder spree! And the Beefart and Cheenkaw appreciation society reacts in various ways. Some think there is nothing they can do, but one girl, Cadence isn't going to let her idols be lost who knows where while people in the city are being murdered! She takes it upon herself to find out what happened. Meanwhile, the postal worker who delivers all her Beefart and Cheenkaw fan girl stuff she buys from the internet ends up as her willing partner. The film is about how these two people become very close friends while solving this bizarre investigation! There is Egyptian Gods! Retirement homes! The Mosquito! Sleazy Fan Fiction! Basically, it will be the greatest supernatural horror comedy heart string puller of all time. And I would love it if you would help us out.
Please check out our indiegogo campaign page and read through it, and watch the video. I think you may be compelled to give us tons of money... and if you can't do it, at least please share the link to the page with people you know.

In other news, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is this weekend! If you are there, please come and see us, we will be in Artist Ally in the BMO centre all weekend (Thursday - Sunday) Me, Lainey and Terence will be selling Tons of DVDs, and the graphic novel 'The Nandi Bear Tenants!' Also, last weekend we shot a film for the expo's 48 hour film competition, it is really awesome and they are screening it on the Sunday of the Expo.. so come watch it, and vote for us or something! More info about the expo can be found here:  http://www.calgaryexpo.com/

I think that's it.. I hope I will see some of you this weekend!

Thank you so much!

Blaise Kolodychuk


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