Tuesday, 7 October 2014

25 Spooky Movies Until Halloween.

If you are on facebook, SC Entertainment is counting down until Halloween and posting a scary movie from our archives every day until Halloween. Don't forget to check it out every day!

I am posting the films in chronological order, and starting with 1992's epic breakthrough murder fest that we made at the tender ages of about 16 years old... Bo-Bo - The Halloween Massacre, and it will just get better from there.


Saturday, 4 October 2014

Previously Unavailable Fukachuk Egg Machine Records

Uploaded to the fukachuk egg machine page and now available for free download are three EPs that were previously unavailable. There is some pretty great music on them that you may want to listen to with your friends.

Return of the Lizard Girl - Digging in the Dirt (March 2009)
This was a special EP made for some sort of club night as a giveaway. It includes a couple special mixes of some songs from the Looking for Lizards album, as well as some outtake songs, and some brand new tracks. I also put a live version of Return of the Lizard Girl on there. A lot of it sounds similar to the style of the Looking for Lizards records, which I consider to probably be some of the best music I ever made.. so check it out.

Filled With Animals (November 2008)
This is eight songs that were made as a reaction to a pretty strange year, it was mostly therapeutic, but out of it came some pretty unique, sad and creepy music. It would lead to me making the Looking for Lizards records.

Telling Some Stories (September 2008)
Five songs that were made for a friend as a gift. Available to the public for the first time. I think enough time has past that these songs allowed to visit other people now. These were made during the recording of the Bear inside a Box album, they are similar to those tracks, but they kind of really have their own thing going on.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Shooting starts soon for SC Holiday Special!

Every weekend until Christmas has been booked with non stop power packed SC filming action for the amazing SC Entertainment Holiday Special! It is going to involve a ton of short films, some musical interludes and other ridiculous surprises.. it may come across as more of a Halloween special with the amount of horror themed films that will be in it.. but it matters not.. that's how SC Entertainment rolls.. and you are gonna love it. Starring SC superstars like Blaise Kolodychuk, Terence Ramsay, Johnny Auchie, Paige Morrison, Rene Gonzalez, Suzie Kenyon, Lee Hicks, and many more! I will be very tired and grumpy by December from lack of any time off whatsoever.. but it will all be worth it when you and your family (16+) have a new holiday tradition.

Terence Ramsay will reprise his role as THE APE DOCTOR in an upcoming short film 'Cidra The Time Traveling Barbarian'