Wednesday 25 June 2014

Fukachuk Egg Machine - Elephant Party

My new record is out today, please go download this thing for free:

Alternately, if you are freaking rich, go ahead and give me some money. This one took a year of writing and recording. Not every day or anything.. but it has a lot of the last year of my life in it. I like it a lot, and I plan to make a ton of videos for these songs.. I may even start shooting some things today. I have asked the beautiful and talented Elaine Boyling to write and direct every video.. who knows if she will, but it might be cool. Anyway.. go download my bloody record, I worked hard on this thing!!

The first video was written, produced and directed by Emmilia Taylor, Elaine Boyling and Blaise Kolodychuk. Check it out here:

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