Friday 18 April 2014

Calgary comic expo & Dorriss Doom screening

I have just been informed that The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo has invited me to screen all 6 episodes of Dorriss Doom this year! I am quite blown away at the amount of support they have given us this year, quite frankly, I'm speechless!

So here is the rundown..
Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is Thursday April 24th - Sunday the 27th
Website here:

SC Entertainment will be in the artist alley section of the Big Four building, Booth # BF3304
Me, Elaine, Terence, and Kelton will all be watching the booth in shifts. There will be tons of DVDs for sale, and Dorriss Doom T-shirts and other awesome stuff. Elaine will have a very cool selection of art books and hand crafted and very creepy and cool jewelry for sale.

On Friday at 4:15 Dorriss Doom will be screened in Palomino Room C - Bring your kids and have an amazing time.. the show is 45 minutes long.

On Saturday at 5:30 in the Quarterhorse Room World of the Uncanny will be screened. Leave your kids with someone far away from that room and enjoy 2 hours of low budget sci-fi horror weirdness that will blow your mind away.

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