Saturday, 20 December 2014

SC Holiday Special!!

The exciting and wintery wonderful superphonic SC HOLIDAY SPECIAL is here for you to consume over this festive season!
Check it out here!!

Make this nonsense a new holiday tradition.. or not.. whatever.. we worked pretty hard on this thing, so watch it.

Love Blaise (Happy Holidays) Kolodychuk

If for some reason you want to own the DVD, which has a bunch of extras on it.. go here:

Chapter List:
Opening with Blaise and Terry
The Adventures of Hank & Gerald Part 1
New Life
Electric Oinks - Xanta Klause (With Intro)
Beefart & Cheenkaw Save Christmas Part One
Cidra the Time Travelling Barbarian
Bogey Men - He doesn't get to go
Terry Ramsay vs. Santa Claus
The Mosquito
The Adventures of Hank & Gerald Part 2
A Nerdo of Death Christmas
Bogey Men - The Christmas Miracle
Gift of the Magi, with idiots.
Beatrice doesn't exist
Beefart & Cheenkaw Save Christmas Part Two
Farewell and Electrics Oinks - Silent Night

Starring: Johnny Auchie, Elaine Boyling, Emmelia Devorat, Sue Kenyon, Kelton Kolodychuk, Terence Ramsay, Blaise Kolodychuk, Duffy Cheng, Patrisha Sinclair, Lee Hicks, Electric Oinks, Keith Prill, Liam Gonzalez, Rene' Gonzalez, Miette Kolodychuk, Paige Morrison, Jordan Krygier-Paine and Madi Rowe.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

SC Holiday Special! December 20th!

Get ready for December 20th when the much anticipated new festive feature length anthology of holiday madness, THE SC ENTERTAINMENT HOLIDAY SPECIAL premieres!

Piles of new short films, musical guests the Electric Oinks, and your hosts Blaise Kolodychuk and Terence Ramsay.. this will become an instant holiday classic that you watch all year round.

(Some of it is not so much for kids.. just so you know)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Fukachuk Egg Machine Website

In hopes that it will help people fall madly, obsessively and dangerously in love with my life's work, I have redesigned the entire fukachuk egg machine website. Spend hours learning about all 30 (so far) albums that I have released over the last 16 years, listen to ALL the music, even download it to play over and over again on your ipod, read almost all the lyrics and see behind the scenes photos, and read about the meanings of the records. As well as all the fukachuk egg machine movies, videos, many live performances, and other unexplainable things I have done over the years.

It is my hope that more people become obsessed with the things I have done over the years.. because if I'm the only one who cares, then it simply means I am psychotic.. but if there is lots of people who care, then I am a genius. You can see the obvious choice.

Go Now!! --->

Tell your friends!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

25 Spooky Movies Until Halloween.

If you are on facebook, SC Entertainment is counting down until Halloween and posting a scary movie from our archives every day until Halloween. Don't forget to check it out every day!

I am posting the films in chronological order, and starting with 1992's epic breakthrough murder fest that we made at the tender ages of about 16 years old... Bo-Bo - The Halloween Massacre, and it will just get better from there.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Previously Unavailable Fukachuk Egg Machine Records

Uploaded to the fukachuk egg machine page and now available for free download are three EPs that were previously unavailable. There is some pretty great music on them that you may want to listen to with your friends.

Return of the Lizard Girl - Digging in the Dirt (March 2009)
This was a special EP made for some sort of club night as a giveaway. It includes a couple special mixes of some songs from the Looking for Lizards album, as well as some outtake songs, and some brand new tracks. I also put a live version of Return of the Lizard Girl on there. A lot of it sounds similar to the style of the Looking for Lizards records, which I consider to probably be some of the best music I ever made.. so check it out.

Filled With Animals (November 2008)
This is eight songs that were made as a reaction to a pretty strange year, it was mostly therapeutic, but out of it came some pretty unique, sad and creepy music. It would lead to me making the Looking for Lizards records.

Telling Some Stories (September 2008)
Five songs that were made for a friend as a gift. Available to the public for the first time. I think enough time has past that these songs allowed to visit other people now. These were made during the recording of the Bear inside a Box album, they are similar to those tracks, but they kind of really have their own thing going on.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Shooting starts soon for SC Holiday Special!

Every weekend until Christmas has been booked with non stop power packed SC filming action for the amazing SC Entertainment Holiday Special! It is going to involve a ton of short films, some musical interludes and other ridiculous surprises.. it may come across as more of a Halloween special with the amount of horror themed films that will be in it.. but it matters not.. that's how SC Entertainment rolls.. and you are gonna love it. Starring SC superstars like Blaise Kolodychuk, Terence Ramsay, Johnny Auchie, Paige Morrison, Rene Gonzalez, Suzie Kenyon, Lee Hicks, and many more! I will be very tired and grumpy by December from lack of any time off whatsoever.. but it will all be worth it when you and your family (16+) have a new holiday tradition.

Terence Ramsay will reprise his role as THE APE DOCTOR in an upcoming short film 'Cidra The Time Traveling Barbarian'

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Electric Oinks Live

For those of you fortunate enough to miss the Electric Oinks playing live the other day.. you can now unfortunately watch the whole show online. Good luck.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Nandi Bear Tenants

So I spent this summer making this Comic / Graphic Novel. I'm not sure what the difference is. If it is length, then my comic is at least twice as long as a regular comic.. so it is probably a graphic novel.. I have been
calling it a book, because it makes me feel more swanky. Anyway, it was a lot of hard and completely fun and worthwhile work, and in the end I had a indiegogo campaign that funded me getting this thing printed like a beautiful thing.. anyway.. it's ready and done, and printed and available in various ways. (I am probably going to have it in the local comic shops in Calgary, Vancouver and somewhere on the island as well.. I will keep you updated on that.)

The story is pretty exciting, and here is the pitch that I got on the back cover:

Naiad Bear needs to gather all her friends for a mission to save not one but two planets from total destruction! When she inherits an old creepy haunted mansion from her long lost Aunt Nandi, she is given a message from the other side.. a message that the king of the Cat planet has gone totally insane and plans to wage an intergalactic war against Mars. Seriously, what has Mars ever done to him? And why is he being such a freak? Naiad along with her superhero friends Dorriss Doom, Stensor, and Pattee may be the only one who could possibly help to unravel this supernatural mystery! Meanwhile, the renegade
adventurer and hero for hire Veltrax the Wolvcha is busy saving Klor, the last giant amoeba in the universe from certain death! How does it all fit together? And who is behind all this diabolical terror?!

Sounds pretty good right? So good that you wanna read it right??!

Here's how.. you go over to and just buy it.. it will come to your house, and then you can read it and love it and basically keep it as a family heirloom:

Alternately you can get a signed copy directly from me by buying it at the SC Entertainment store:

Monday, 1 September 2014

I made a record of old cowboy songs.

There isn't much more to say about it. I liked making it, it was fun.. and it's funny. I learned a lot about old time cowboys while making it, and I guess that's the point. I was inspired when I was hanging out at an old folks home a while back and there were a couple people there putting on a concert, singing old songs.. one of the songs they sang was comanche, and I got pretty excited. I was thinking about if and when me and people my age eventually end up in an old folks homes years and years from now.. will there be like 'Tuesday at 2:00 after lunch, industrial noise music with Grandpa Kolodychuk'... because just because you get old, it doesn't mean that you will change the type of music you like to listen to and make. Anyway, I like lots of things.. and this record was fun.

Download the whole thing, or listen to it online:

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Happy 31st Anniversary SC Entertainment

Today is the day! 31 years! Holy god! I remember when I turned 31, my friend Sue gave me a pair of grown up looking trousers. I wore them for grown up seeming things, but most of the time I just wore my ripped up old way too tight black jeans. Absolutely nothing has changed, except I promised myself I would never ever again be in a situation where I couldn't wear jeans. It limits my work choices, but makes me happy. It's kind of the same as SC in every way.. we do stuff that isn't necessarily accepted by the mass public, but it makes us happy.. it also limits how many people see and hear the things we do. I'm not sure if I would want to do something that appeals to such a broad range of people that I would make a lot of money from it. Maybe I would.. who knows.. theres a lot of quality stuff I like that appeals to the masses. Doctor Who still makes me feel weird.. it used to be like I was part of a special club or something for the tiny amount of Canadians that obsessed over doctor who... but now it's a worldwide phenomenon.. how the hell did that happen? But I still love it.. at the same time though, it is different than it was when I was a kid on various levels... hold on.. why did this turn into a post about Doctor Who? Anyway SC! If SC Entertainment has taught me anything, it's that I have very few friends, but I have piles and piles of people that would drop whatever they are doing to help me make a movie or something.. I live a strange life where most of my social interactions with the world revolve around if I have a good idea for a film or not.
I am getting off topic again.. though I don't know what the topic is.. so it's fine. I don't have anything planned to do today.. it's a bit weird. I will probably see Terence this weekend to make a short film (Another weird SC thing where I don't really understand how people work, but I know if I like someone I will make them something.) I have huge plans for this fall that I hope will turn out well.. I need to write like 10 scripts, and start pre production on a ton of things... I have spent all week recording a rather bizarre album that I hope you will all listen to. I wanted to have it done today, but it's not.. so I will just release it when it is. I spent the summer drawing a comic, a rather astonishing comic that I am very proud of.. a ton of people gave me money so I could get it printed properly, and now it is on it's way to me somewhere.. I am terribly excited, and makes me realize that 31 years ago when me and Terry were sitting around as 7 year old kids drawing comics and having fun.. that we are basically the same today, and the same principals that we founded SC on.. that of making the thing you want, with little to no money, to make you and your friends happy and get the chance to tell stories and invent worlds.. all that is the same. And so many hundreds of people have joined us over the years, and made things with us, and for us, it makes me very proud that this is the life I chose for myself.. I'm going (gone) over to the last half of the time I get to spend on Earth. No regrets.. not about SC.. thats for sure. We make interesting things, and we do it for the right reasons. And it's okay if not many people ever get to know about it, because who knows... time will tell. It's important stuff either way. Thank you to every single one of you who ever helped us to make this tiny TINY part of the universe slightly more exciting.

Things you can do to celebrate!

If you haven't, please check out the full SC scoop when you have a chance:

Watch our last feature length film.. it's a humdinger of a wallop:

Check out my latest animated tale of pure AWESOME:

Buy my book! I haven't officially announced it yet, but here's a link suckas! (Apparently it's even on sale right now..)

See you next time,


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Video for 'Spider' from fukachuk egg machine

Just a short little thing for a short little song. I don't know why sometimes I make the most boring videos of all time.

Download the whole record here:

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Please help 'The Nandi Bear Tenants'

I need your help to get a comic published, it's called 'The Nandi Bear Tenants' and I would love it if you could either help with money, or share my campaign with everyone you know (Including all your rich Uncles and Aunts!)

Please take the time to check it out here:

You will basically be getting a beautiful book if you help to fund it... it's kind of like going to Chapters, but more awesome.

I am hand drawing every page and colouring it with watercolour paints. I am scanning the finished pages and doing the text on my computer (Using a font I made myself.) The whole story is 50 pages long, and I anticipate it will take me until the end of August to make it all. All together I plan on it being a 56 page book. I want to get it printed properly and will be going through createspace to get that done, as they have reasonable prices and also have your book for sale on and make it available to librarys and schools. The money I am trying to get will go towards the printing of 100 copies of the comic. I will use these copies to give to the people who funded the project and also have some to give away and sell at comic conventions.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dorriss Doom Afternoon TV Marathon!

Now available.. The full length 'telethon version' of DORRISS DOOM! It includes the mighty SC Entertainment telethon scenes, and loads of extra cool commercials and other stuff. If you want to sit around in your underoos watching TV on a Saturday afternoon.. this simulates doing that in the 1980's better than anything else available today. Please share and spread the word of Dorriss Doom!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Fukachuk Egg Machine - Elephant Party

My new record is out today, please go download this thing for free:

Alternately, if you are freaking rich, go ahead and give me some money. This one took a year of writing and recording. Not every day or anything.. but it has a lot of the last year of my life in it. I like it a lot, and I plan to make a ton of videos for these songs.. I may even start shooting some things today. I have asked the beautiful and talented Elaine Boyling to write and direct every video.. who knows if she will, but it might be cool. Anyway.. go download my bloody record, I worked hard on this thing!!

The first video was written, produced and directed by Emmilia Taylor, Elaine Boyling and Blaise Kolodychuk. Check it out here:

Monday, 2 June 2014

Animation Secrets and new EO music

Find out the amazing process that went in to making my cartoon 'Dorriss Doom' in this up close and confidential behind the scenes documentary.

Also here is a song from rehearsals with the newest line up of THE ELECTRIC OINKS.. We will soon be ready to play at your children's birthday parties.

The song is 'Funky Panda' from the 2013 album: Secret Eyes:

Friday, 18 April 2014

Calgary comic expo & Dorriss Doom screening

I have just been informed that The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo has invited me to screen all 6 episodes of Dorriss Doom this year! I am quite blown away at the amount of support they have given us this year, quite frankly, I'm speechless!

So here is the rundown..
Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is Thursday April 24th - Sunday the 27th
Website here:

SC Entertainment will be in the artist alley section of the Big Four building, Booth # BF3304
Me, Elaine, Terence, and Kelton will all be watching the booth in shifts. There will be tons of DVDs for sale, and Dorriss Doom T-shirts and other awesome stuff. Elaine will have a very cool selection of art books and hand crafted and very creepy and cool jewelry for sale.

On Friday at 4:15 Dorriss Doom will be screened in Palomino Room C - Bring your kids and have an amazing time.. the show is 45 minutes long.

On Saturday at 5:30 in the Quarterhorse Room World of the Uncanny will be screened. Leave your kids with someone far away from that room and enjoy 2 hours of low budget sci-fi horror weirdness that will blow your mind away.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

SC at the 2014 Comic Expo

As you may or may not know, SC Entertainment will be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. This will be our 5th year there, and we plan to make it the most exciting ever. This time we will be in the artist alley section in the Big Four building, so please come by and say hello. Elaine, Terence and myself will be around. Kelton will also be taking care of the table from time to time.
I will have the brand new Dorriss Doom DVD available to buy.. it is full of extra features, and the feature itself is different than any version you have seen. It is hilarious and you will be pleasantly surprised. 
We will also have an amazing selection of other SC Entertainment DVDs, and various other weird stuff.
Also, Elaine will be selling a quite astonishing assortment of her artistic creations, from jewelry to art books, dolls and more.

And we are quite proud to announce that the Calgary expo has invited us to have a screening of our latest feature length horror / sci-fi / comedy / drama.. WORLD OF THE UNCANNY! It will be shown on Saturday April 26th at 5:30 in the Quarter Horse Room. 
Please come out and enjoy our film!
Behind the scenes filming for the Dorriss Doom DVD extra features.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Beefart & Cheenkaw - The Sinister Co-Co (The Complete Radio Drama)

For nine weeks Beefart and Cheenkaw went on massive adventures every Monday at CJSW radio in Calgary, and here it is, for the first time... the complete adventures of Beefart and Cheenkaw vs. the sinister Co-Co. Written and acted by Blaise Kolodychuk and Terence Ramsay.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

SC Entertainment March Electronic Newsletter

Good day to you all, I hope you are finding your lives rewarding and full of excitement. With that said, here are some things we have been up to that may help on your unending quest to absolute happiness. 

First off, if you haven't seen Dorriss Doom yet, you are missing out on what may prove to be the greatest experience of your life.
What's Dorriss Doom you may ask? Well, Dorriss was my cat in 1985, and at the time SC Entertainment was 2 years old and I was making comic books at a ferocious rate.. I was finding inspiration from all things around me, and mostly my cats.. Dorriss became a comic book hero that year, and has gone on many adventures over the years. For a very long time I had wanted to make a film about Dorriss, and it finally cam to reality last year when I started work on the Dorriss Doom cartoon. I am super proud of it, and the people who did the voices were absolutely amazing. I hope you all enjoy it, and please pass it on to people you know. I would say it is suitable for most children (No blood or swearing, just a lot of explosions)
A DVD with tons of extra features will be available at the Calgary comic expo in April.. 
The latest episode can be viewed here:

I have been asked many times over the years to make all the music I have produced for our films available.. So I have finally gone and release a massive 10 volume set of albums with nothing but background and theme music from our films. A lot of it was not really available as separate tracks, but I did the best I could. If you are a fan of soundtrack scores, and what can best be described as mostly haunted house, detective and space ship music you will enjoy these records. I put a price on these records, to help stop people just downloading them to use without my permission in their own films. If you don't wanna buy them that is totally cool, as you can still stream them in their entirety online. (By the way, this ad is slightly wrong, as I have found several track that I made in 2000)

If you haven't been tuning in to CJSW every monday between 8:30 and 10:00pm to hear the all new, all delicious Beefart and Cheenkaw radio drama, then you have been missing out in something that can only be described as 'special' 
you can also listen online at 

Past episodes can be re-listened to here:

And last, but certainly now least, the masters of weird terror Scott Johns and Paul Whittington have released their first film collaboration since 2000's Humanity on fire Part 3. This new film is simply called 'I am Raymond' and it will blow your heads off with it's coolness. Watch it here!

That is it for this edition of the mighty SC News Letter!

Friday, 28 February 2014

SC Entertainment Film Music Collection

I have been asked many times over the years to make all the music I have produced for our films available.. So here is a bunch of it. A lot of it was not really available as separate tracks, but I did the best I could. If you are a fan of soundtrack scores, and what can best be described as mostly haunted house, detective and space ship music you will enjoy these records. I put a price on these records, to help stop people just downloading them to use without my permission in their own films. If you don't wanna buy them that is totally cool, as you can still stream them in their entirety online.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Dorriss Doom!

The amazing tale of a cat who was endowed with mystical powers and took on the responsibility of keeping the world safe from evil, has now been completed, and you can watch all six episodes on line! Starring the voices of Jennifer Hartley, Trevor Phillips, Kelton Kolodychuk, Elaine Boyling, Jeff Robertson, Terence Ramsay, Jaclyn Cobb, Laura Stretz, Chad Macy, Petyr Stretz, and Blaise Kolodychuk.

Written and animated by Blaise Kolodychuk

An exciting DVD is in the works, and will include tons of extra features!

Watch all 6 parts right here..




Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beefart & Cheenkaw Radio show 3 and 4

Here are the next 2 episodes of the ongoing tale of two men against the world.........
Beefart & Cheenkaw!

The Beefart & Cheenkaw radio show is on CJSW 90.9 Calgary, Mondays on 'The Doppler Effect' at 8:30 - 10:00 Hosted by Penny!

The first four episodes are now available to listen to on you tube. Further episodes will be available to listen to on the radio, so stay tuned!

Episode one:

Episode two:

Episode three:

Episode four:

Saturday, 8 February 2014

SC films from the 1990's are back.

I have almost the entire catalogue of SC films available to view scattered all over the internet, but mostly they were on youtube. When I started the upload everything I have ever done project back in 2009, you tube would not let me upload the films we made in the 1990's, mainly because they are chock full of copyrighted music. We were young, there was no internet, and the only people who we thought would ever see them were our friends in random bedrooms and basements, and basically we weren't terribly concerned about using other people's music in our films... but since those are the most iconic and true to what SC Entertainment stands for films, I had to find somewhere else to upload them. I did, and it was fine for many years... a little while ago I went to watch folwer creek on line, and it was gone! I soon found out that the account on the website I uploaded them to was deleted... again because of my foolish decisions in my youth to use other people's music... for shame Kolodychuk.. for shame. But the good news is, you tube (or the people who actually hold the copyrights I should say)  have decided that money is more important than anything in the universe, and so long as they can put an ad on your movie you seem to be able to upload whatever the heck you want. 
Long story short, I put everything back on the internet, and some of it now has adverts.. but I can live with that, and it actually seems kind of fair I guess. 

You can go through the whole catalogue of SC Films here:

It is all sorted out by year, so you can relive the greatest days of SC in the 1990's again.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Beefart and Cheenkaw Radio Drama

Welcome friends, as we join the greatest crime fighting paranormal private investigators in the world... BEEFART AND CHEENKAW!
What horrible monsters will they defeat? What unbelievable adventures will they go on? Find out now as we join our heroes while they once again defend Calgary from the uncanny terrors of the night.

Starring Terence Ramsay as Cheenkaw and Blaise Kolodychuk as Beefart.
Also starring Petyr Stretz as the voice of the announcer.
Also starring various guest voices...

The Beefart & Cheenkaw radio show is on CJSW 90.9 Calgary, Mondays on 'The Doppler Effect' at 8:30 - 10:00 Hosted by Penny!

The first two episodes are available to listen to on you tube. further episodes will be available to listen to on the radio, so stay tuned!

Episode one:

Episode two:

Sunday, 12 January 2014

New prints of Dorriss Doom Found!

While searching in the mighty vaults here at SC Entertainment, we have come across some much better quality prints of the first 4 episodes of Dorriss Doom!

Watch them now, and it will be like watching Dorriss Doom again for the first time!

The final 2 episodes are slated to be released in February.



Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dorriss Doom Episodes 3 and 4

Now available!

Dorriss continues her mission to find her friend Veltrax who has been captured by the diabolical Order of the Vetabanting Five. On her way to Venus, her and the armed snake man Forclune run into Viper from the candy coated empire, and also the Vetabanting Five themselves!
These next 2 episodes star the unbelievable voice talents of Jennifer Hartley, Trevor Phillips, Kelton Kolodychuk, Elaine Boyling, Jeff Robertson, Terence Ramsay, Petyr Stretz, and Blaise Kolodychuk.