SC Holiday Special!!

SC Holiday Special! December 20th!

New Fukachuk Egg Machine Website

25 Spooky Movies Until Halloween.

Previously Unavailable Fukachuk Egg Machine Records

Shooting starts soon for SC Holiday Special!

The Electric Oinks Live

The Nandi Bear Tenants

I made a record of old cowboy songs.

Happy 31st Anniversary SC Entertainment

Video for 'Spider' from fukachuk egg machine

Please help 'The Nandi Bear Tenants'

Dorriss Doom Afternoon TV Marathon!

Fukachuk Egg Machine - Elephant Party

Animation Secrets and new EO music

Dads With No Face - Zombie Attack

Calgary comic expo & Dorriss Doom screening

SC at the 2014 Comic Expo

Beefart & Cheenkaw - The Sinister Co-Co (The Complete Radio Drama)

SC Entertainment March Electronic Newsletter

SC Entertainment Film Music Collection

Dorriss Doom!

Beefart & Cheenkaw Radio show 3 and 4

SC films from the 1990's are back.

Beefart and Cheenkaw Radio Drama

New prints of Dorriss Doom Found!

Dorriss Doom Episodes 3 and 4