Monday 11 November 2013

Dorriss Doom Cartoon Coming Soon!

Coming soon! A new exciting animated adventure series from the me who brought you loads of cool stuff, like space cow. Watch as Dorriss Doom, the amazing super hero cat goes on an adventure to save the galaxy! From the pages of SC Comics, comes Dorriss Doom! Episode one coming soon!

Starring the voice talents of Jennifer Hartley as Dorriss, Kelton Kolodychuk as Veltrax, Laura Schaff Stretz as Pattee, and a score of others, this is bound to be the most exciting thing ever to come from SC Entertainment.

Dorriss is on a mission to rescue Veltrax from the sinister Order of the Vetabanting Five, and also must free all the enslaved people from the Chocolate coated Empire from Venus! Basically, it will be awesome, and it's coming soon. It will be part of the SC Saturday morning line up like Space Cow, and Slim-Bot, with episodes being broken up with exciting Hosts, advertisements and other surprises!

Expect to see the first 2 episodes in the next couple of weeks!

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