Thursday 29 August 2013

SC 2013 Festival Videos and set lists.

I think I am done with uploading video from the big festival.. so here is everything...
I reserve the right to still release a live fukachuk egg machine album.
Maybe a even a live EO DVD or something.

Johnny Auchie
Really Me
Now He Knows
The Only One

You can watch his whole set here.

Electric Oinks
Ukrainian Dolls From Hell
Suicidal Religious Dogs From Hell
Mother Goose Eats Dinner at Cinthea's House
S & M
No Pants
Ghost Rape

Pee Pee Time

Drywall Respect

Fukachuk Egg Machine
The Actress
Crowded Hallways
Chip Shrinking

Lizard Girl
Zombie Boy
Doctor Hedges

This Nothing

Green Tail
Return of the Lizard Girl
Eggs For Sale

Emmelia Taylor
Little Girl

Dads with no Face
Board Head
Mental Institute

Wolf Man

Don't Feed Me Cheese
Squid From Hell
Hypnotic Qualities
Leather Boy

Cat Is Psycho
Zombie Attack

And here is the Highlight video with small clips from lots of the songs.

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