Sunday, 28 July 2013

SC Entertainment History - 1984

1984 was the year that SC Music started. And it started with a song I wrote called Cat is Psycho, which was essentially about a cat that I had who kind of went psycho and started trying to kill all the other living things in the house. So I thought a song should be written to commemorate such an exciting event. So I made the song, using all kinds of exciting tape to tape dubbing techniques, and it was so much fun I made a whole 90 minute cassette of songs. My friend Clayton also helped with some of them, and we named it The Electric Oinks (EO for short.) That started the whole thing with making music...
Oh, and we were still making tons of comics.. for a while it was called T-B SC Comics (Terry, Blaise) and then T-B-C SC Comics (The C is for Chris.. though I can't honestly remember him ever making an actual comic.) SC was becoming a bit of a club for our friends.

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