Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SC Entertainment History - 1987

Hooray! We have reached 1987! You see, 1987 was the year SC Films started.. and it was all due to the fact that my very cool brother Lafe worked all summer long to pay for the rental of a top of the line 8mm video camera from the video rental kings at Granada. He was making two epic low budget feature length films, but while he was at work every day, and actually most evenings, me and Terry were sneaky using this video camera to make our own films. We made probably 100 films that summer, and I even started doing my very first stop motion animations.. which was quite a huge task on that video camera.. click the button twice really fast, then press play, go back like 6 frames, go back to camera mode... for each frame... We made a ton of horror movies, because we were at this point deeply obsessed with all kinds of slasher films. Here is a trailer from 'The Sleepover' which was basically Terry in a Jason mask killing his friends at a sleepover. Please note my ultra cool home made SC Comics T-Shirt, and probably the greatest bathroom death scene in the history of the world.

Also enter the era of Blaise and Ryan's version of the Electric Oinks. It was crazy, screaming, bizarre subject matter, and hilarious. Actually everything that I did with Ryan Terlaak was either hilarious, or offensive in some kind of fantastic way. Our first EO album together was 'Babies with 9 heads'
The amount of comic production this year was probably the greatest of all time as well, and included like 30 issues of SC Magazine, that me and Terry banged out in one strange night. Anyway, SC was having a very good year indeed.

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