Tuesday 30 July 2013

SC Entertainment History - 1986

In 1986 we again were making crazy amounts of comics, and also having a rivalry with another comic group in the school, Laser comics.. one of our members took off and started it up, however it was short lived and in the end SC triumphed over all. Trevor moved away but continued the SC ways out on the west coast, and in the land of EO, I made a pretty complicated record, using tons of over dubs and echo and strange stuff, it was called 'My Larynx got ripped out by a Puma' and it was the last EO album I was to ever make alone.  On August 27th 1986 we had our first SC Anniversary celebration for our 3 years of existence, I recall doing some 'blaise' dancing in my basement.. it's kind of like break dancing, only it looks more like an epileptic fit.

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