Thursday, 2 August 2012

Oh so much music to download for free...

I'm starting to understand why I am poor, as everything I do is given out for free. The good news is that if I actually charged people to listen to our music and watch our films, no one would actually do it, and nothing would ever get seen or heard. Thats not exactly completely true I guess... on occasion people do pay for things, and it blows my mind and I get mad at them. Maybe I just can't handle it.. anyway, I guess thats my problem, not yours.

The point is, there is a lot of amazing things that have been made that you have access to right now for free.

Elaine Boyling has recently put up her entire back catalogue of music for download.

Also there is a huge 30 track compilation available that includes all of Dinojubilee's demo tracks recorded from 2009 - 2010

Don't forget every fukachuk egg machine album ever made:

And every Death Ray Gun album ever made:

And for good measure go check out a Dads With No Face Compilation HERE

And last but not least in the least:

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