Thursday, 9 August 2012

Help fund the next Beefart & Cheenkaw movie!

Hello, we are trying to get together some funds for the next installment in the amazing Beefart & Cheenkaw movies. It is gonna be amazing, and probably blow your mind. But alas, we are looking for cash...
So with that in mind.. give us all your money. If you have no money to give, please do me the biggest favour ever and pass this along to as many people as you can.. forward this post in your e-mail for instance.. to everyone.. post a link to this website on facebook, or twitter, or whatever thing the kids are using these days... it would only take a moment of your time, and it may mean the difference between a good movie, and a slightly gooder movie.

Thanks for your time!


Here is the page to check it all out and give us money! (You even get stuff in return! I am THAT generous!)

And here is a direct link to our amazing infomercial:


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