Monday, 27 August 2012

29 Years of Exciting Art

Today is August 27th.. that means it is SC Entertainment's anniversary.. it has been exactly 29 years since me and Terry came up with a name for the weird things we do. A lot of things in the world have changed since 1983.. mainly, I am taller. Other than that though, I am still making up crazy stories and music and stuff and making my friends take part and have fun whether they like it or not. Me and Terry and Elaine, and all the other people through the years who have helped us to build a huge HUGE catalogue of music, and movies, videos, comic books, stories, and all kinds of interesting artistic projects are heroes! Yes, that's right.. we get nothing in return, we occasionally get people telling us to stop bothering them, and sometimes if we are lucky we get people telling us that they liked something we do. This isn't our job, or how we make a living.. though I wish it was.. but it keeps getting done, year after year.. making what I consider to be the world's greatest films and music.... anyway.. we rock, Happy anniversary SC, you are awesome and have given my life meaning. Word up.

A few years ago we made a documentary about the history of SC.. if you have a chance today, please check it out.. it may give you a greater appreciation for our life's work.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Help fund the next Beefart & Cheenkaw movie!

Hello, we are trying to get together some funds for the next installment in the amazing Beefart & Cheenkaw movies. It is gonna be amazing, and probably blow your mind. But alas, we are looking for cash...
So with that in mind.. give us all your money. If you have no money to give, please do me the biggest favour ever and pass this along to as many people as you can.. forward this post in your e-mail for instance.. to everyone.. post a link to this website on facebook, or twitter, or whatever thing the kids are using these days... it would only take a moment of your time, and it may mean the difference between a good movie, and a slightly gooder movie.

Thanks for your time!


Here is the page to check it all out and give us money! (You even get stuff in return! I am THAT generous!)

And here is a direct link to our amazing infomercial:


Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Beefart, Cheenkaw & Laura McKnees film to begin filming later this year

The script for the next installment in the amazing Beefart / Cheenkaw / Bo-Bo / Laura McKnees / Earl Nakesch franchise is on it's way, with filming scheduled to start in the fall with all new exciting characters, the most diabolical villain you could ever imagine, and possibly the weirdest most exciting and mind blowing story we have ever come up with! If you haven't seen the last film 'Curse of the Dimensions of Death' you should do so right now...

Oh so much music to download for free...

I'm starting to understand why I am poor, as everything I do is given out for free. The good news is that if I actually charged people to listen to our music and watch our films, no one would actually do it, and nothing would ever get seen or heard. Thats not exactly completely true I guess... on occasion people do pay for things, and it blows my mind and I get mad at them. Maybe I just can't handle it.. anyway, I guess thats my problem, not yours.

The point is, there is a lot of amazing things that have been made that you have access to right now for free.

Elaine Boyling has recently put up her entire back catalogue of music for download.

Also there is a huge 30 track compilation available that includes all of Dinojubilee's demo tracks recorded from 2009 - 2010

Don't forget every fukachuk egg machine album ever made:

And every Death Ray Gun album ever made:

And for good measure go check out a Dads With No Face Compilation HERE

And last but not least in the least: