Monday 14 May 2012

Mighty Planet and more!

I just realized that I never actually followed up on here and let anyone know how to get the new fukachuk egg machine album 'Mighty Planet'... I'm sure it's not a big deal, as no one goes here, and people only ever check facebook any more rather than going to people's websites... which is a horrible shame I might add. Remember the days when people were out there learning HTML and putting together amazing and bizarre and confusing personal websites, so the world could know more about them? It was beautiful, and had far more style and excitement... but people don't need personal websites any more.. they have facebook, which takes care of everything, and gives the world all the information you could ever want about anyone.. and a lot of information you don't really want about most people. Sorry.. I lost track of myself. The point is that you can go download the new fukachuk album right now! (While you are at it, go ahead and 'Like' fukachuk egg machine on facebook.

Just go here:

Here is the whole thing for you to listen to:

By the way, SC Entertainment was at the Calgary comic and entertainment Expo again this year... all sorts of fun ensued... 
 Me and Elaine at our booth, which was actually a part of our friend Blain's booth that he graciously donated to us.
 Elaine, Emmelia (Amazing artist extraordinaire) , and Jeff (Who was a massive help this year)
Emmelia, Me and Elaine basically kicking it old school.

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