Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November SC News!

First off, the new amazing feature length film 'Beefart & Cheenkaw - Curse of the Dimensions of Death' is now out! It is the further adventures of the most amazing crime fighting force known to man... and the return of the most vicious killing clown machine ever.. that's right, After over 10 years Bo-Bo is back and racking up another body count.. and not only is Bo-Bo back, but in a strange way Rolf Tompson is back also... Basically what I am saying is that this is the greatest film ever made, and it is what I have been doing every day for the last 5 months of my life.. So I encourage you to buy the DVD and show it to your friends and have possibly the best time of your life! (also includes for free: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Me)

View the trailer here:


Buy the DVD: http://scentertainment.freehostia.com/Store/beefartcheenkaw2.htm

Secondly, The complete fukachuk egg machine is now available.. if you have ever wanted to know what I have been obsessing over for the past 13 years, and what I have spent nearly every day of my life building and taking care of.. then look no further. This is a collection of pretty much everything I have done for fukachuk egg machine since 1998. On 4 DVDs you will get:
- All 26 albums that I have released since 1998.
- Almost every song that I have recorded that was never on any of the regular albums.
- That is a total of over 400 mp3s of music I have spent the better part of my life making.
- All 8 short films that were made about the fukachuk mythology. the box, room number four, the pet, the three sticks, the tragedy of mary kettle, implanted, the small things, and planting buttons.
- All 14 fukachuk promo music videos that were made.
- Full length live concert videos from: the pet live, room number 4 live, the tragedy live, and the factory in the city live.
- Also the infamous fukachuk infomercial, and the promotional 'TV' special "Blaise Kolodychuk: A Very Special Man"

Anyway, it is my life's work.. for dead cheap..

Check out the trailer:


Buy the 4 DVD set: http://scentertainment.freehostia.com/Store/completefukachuk.htm

And lastly, there is a new SC Entertainment store to make it easy to get anything you crave out of the mighty SC Catalogue.. I hope you enjoy it and buy lots of stuff, not only to keep me busy making stuff, but to help me pay the rent! Send your friends! Tell them how cool SC is! Organize a sit in at your local city hall and sing songs about how amazing SC Entertainment is! It is all up to you my friends... Please keep the dream of SC Entertainment alive, and show the world that people making stuff in their basements is just as viable a creative force as any big shot studio.

Here's the store: http://scentertainment.freehostia.com/Store/

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