Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"Beefart & Cheenkaw: Curse of the Dimensions of Death" to start production this weekend!

We will start shooting the new epic film "Beefart & Cheenkaw: Curse of the Dimensions of Death" this weekend. We will be shooting for the next 4 weeks, with hopes to have a Halloween premiere. This is the long awaited sequel to 'Beefart & Cheenkaw - The Motion Picture" and will feature the return of the amazing triple crime fighting force of Beefart (Blaise Kolodychuk), Cheenkaw (Terence Ramsay) and Laura McKnees (Kristy Lannan), it will also feature a slew of new characters, and some very special old characters from films dating back to the early 90's..... but's that's all secret for now. Beefart, Cheenkaw & Laura will meet some exciting new creatures... Prehistoric Beasts, Mermaids, Zombies, Aliens and even more terrible things await our heros in this new film.
I am ridiculously excited about shooting this, as it is probably my most ambitious project to date...

Here is a teaser for the new film... as I said, we don't actually start shooting until this weekend, so it is pretty abstract for the time being.. however if you have an intimate knowledge of the history of SC, and look hard enough, there may be some clues to what the mysteries surrounding this new adventure may hold.

And if you haven't seen the first film in the exciting Beefart & Cheenkaw serial check it out here:

I will keep you posted with updates on our progress!

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