Monday, 20 June 2011

Calgary Entertainment Expo

It was lots of fun. We hung around for 3 days and talked to a lot of amazing people and saw some amazing things... I'm glad we went again. I plan on going next year as well. I find that the people who go to things like that Comic convention, are probably my most favourite people in the world.. I absolutely love them.. all dressed up and weird and having a good time and caring about things they all find important. It seems like a good way of life, and I fully support them. I hope the people who took home some of my DVDs and CDs and stuff really enjoy them. The important thing is that I got to give free DVDs to some kids and got to spend a weekend with my best friends Elaine and Terry, and saw Linda Blair with my own eyes, and briefly met John Amplas, I even briefly met Scott Johns, which was astounding. All in all it was a fun weekend, and a few more people on Earth know about SC Entertainment, and how for almost 30 years a strange man has been making ridiculous things in his basement with his friends.

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