Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ostriches, Buttons, and the likes.

Thank you everyone who got to enjoy a week's worth of free Slim-Bot... I hope you loved it. I have put up the program schedule on the streaming TV page.. so you will know what's going on from now on.. In other news the new fukachuk egg machine record called 'the amazing ostrich transit system' is going to be out in a couple weeks. Here is the super exciting track list:

1.  serious lack of goo
 2.  chip shrinking
 3.  favourite place
 4.  box of candy
 5.  milk shakes
 6.  special pinecone
 7.  paint the lamppost
 8.  house
 9.  green tail
10. badges
11. ground squirrel hang out
12. space man
13. the ostrich chronicles
14. no bus fare
15. sifting flavour
16. sold out of eggs
17. hello mademoiselle lizard

Also, the new film starring the gentle boneless leg dog, gill boyling, johnny auchie, and a cockroach, titled "Planting Buttons" will also be coming out in the next week... it is kind of horror, animation and weird... pretty much your basic fukachuk egg machine film.

More announcements as they happen.

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