Monday, 21 February 2011

Slim-Bot Week

Hey everybody... 

Just thought I would let you all know about Slim-Bot week... 
Starting today until the end of this month, you can go see Slim-Bot at your leisure on SC Entertainment Streaming Television. It will be playing in rotation 24 hours a day for one week only!

So if you have always wanted to see Slim-Bot, but for some reason couldn't get the courage to actually order a DVD, now is your chance!

And begin 7 days of non stop space adventure!

p.s. if you still have an urge to actually buy Slim-Bot, go here:

Friday, 18 February 2011

Fukachuk Egg Machine Returns

After 2 years of no fukachuk egg machine action, a new album is going to be released coming March... It is a long time in the making, and I hope you will all like it. It is kind of a first record from someone who really liked fukachuk egg machine, rather than a continuation of what happened before.. if that makes sense. There will be more info soon, and possibly a very special video presentation before the release date.. I will keep you posted.

For more info on the massive entity which is the world of fukachuk egg machine, please go to my website, 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Space Station Zero Episode 12!

The newest amazing episode of Space Station Zero is now available to be loved by you and all the children of the universe! It is called Huge and Microscopic and Everything In-Between! Captain Blaise and the gang are all having a good time and getting massively interested about things Big and Small!! Also meet the newest member's of the Space Station Zero crew, Captain Magic Pants, and Captain Kee Kee, who will astound you with amazing feats of magic!
Go check it out now:

or go to the official Space Station Zero web site: