Sunday, 9 January 2011

pj katie's farm, space station zero, planting buttons, and more.

As amazing as the internet may or may not be... i can't find a complete bootleg set of every episode from pj katie's farm.. which is possibly one of the best children's shows ever. I can't even find a bootleg dvd of 1 episode for pete's sake... anyway, on the topic of amazing kid's shows... my own little show called space station zero is taking it's sweet time getting new episodes out, and i would like to apologize for that. it is taking longer than expected to get it all made.. and having christmas and everything else to do sets things back as well. I filmed another movie a couple weeks ago also.. it is called planting buttons and will be out at some point.. but again i have gotten ambitious and i need to do loads of miniatures and stop motion and other stuff to make it as cool as it is in my head.  it is pretty cool, and back to my old school experimental weirdo horror art house kind of ways... so that will be nice.

Other projects on the go include dinojubilee recording sessions, a new album by me, getting prepared and trying to get some live gigs with dinojubilee. and all sorts of other things that take up more time than i have in a day.

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