Monday, 1 February 2010

Olive to be unveiled in a few days!

Are you excited? Well you should be.... Olive is coming soon!! And you get to watch it as soon as it is released, on account of I am going to upload it to the internet! Don't let the internet fool you however... the best way to see Olive is on the super amazing deluxe DVD full of amazing things...

In the mean time, please go check out the super amazing neato-rific OLIVE WEB SITE!

There is all sorts of interesting things to read and watch there, including the Trailer for Olive, as well as the Making of Olive Documentary thing..

You can get the scoop on what this Olive flick is actually all about, and what all the people in it are all about....

I hope you love it to bits.. and stay tuned for February 5th, when Olive will be available to watch on-line!

The DVD will also be available that day, and will include:

The Full Movie!

Plus these cool Bonus Features:
The Magic Show. Starring Olive and The Milk Man.. with special guest appearances by Bumble Bee and The Clock Work Wolf!

The Making Of Olive. Super Cool Making of Movie.

Pumpkin Getting. Short animation I made while I testing out what I would be doing with Olive.

One Day On The Beach. Another short animation...

Trailer For Olive.

The Original Story of Olive Read By Blaise Kolodychuk. At one point Olive talked... a lot!

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