Saturday 23 January 2010

Dinojubilee - From A Town Called Festival Antler

The brand new Dinojubilee is about to be unleashed into the Universe! 10 more songs of super amazingness.. picking up from where The Cardboard Sea left off and adding about a million times of excitement.. you will not be disappointed, or even feel slightly let down when you hear this record!

Track List:

1. from a town called festival antler
2. bowl of fruit

3. plaza
4. this is how it is
5. chalk drawings
6. waiting for the garden
7. soap animals
8. bottom cabinate
9. wash day
10. hold your horses

You can pre-order this one today if you are so inclined... the release date is January 29th 2010.

You can get a CD copy for $10.00 or get a digital download for $5
Go here to pay with paypal / credit card:

Thanks for all your support!

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