Friday 3 December 2010

Space Station Zero Episode 12 In Production!

The next exciting episode of Space Station Zero, entitled "Huge and Microscopic and Everything In-between" is finally being made... keep your eyes open for the next space station zero to be coming in to your homes soon!

Sunday 21 November 2010

Slim-Bot on DVD

Slim-Bot, the world's greatest metal head super hero will be available to come in to your house and be watched by you.. over and over and over again! On November 25th Slim-Bot the DVD will be available for purchase!
Only $8.00 Including Shipping!!

Sunday 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just a quick Happy Halloween to all the followers of the mighty and magical land of SC Entertainment!!
And now... a list of links to some scary SC Halloween madness!

A Zebra For Sally! The greatest Ghost story ever told!
Beefart & Cheenkaw! If you need Vampires, werewolves, and Space Monsters This is your movie!!
Humanity On Fire Part 2! Sure to make you wet your Halloween Pants!
Bo-Bo 6! Also known as Captain Spooksville!
The Logical Rumination! Basically, YIPES!
Meathook Madness! Dressing up like a demented pig never seemed so fun!
Bo-Bo - The Halloween Massacre! The original 1992 Halloween horror fest that started it all!

Anyway, have an Amazing Halloween!

Friday 15 October 2010

Space Station Zero Update!

We have now filmed all the Captain Elaine segments for the upcoming 10 new episodes...

Things are slowly progressing again after a massive slim-bot shaped delay (which was totally worth it)

Also, there is going to be a small Slim-Bot screening on October 22nd... if anyone is interested in attending write me for details (space is very limited)

Thursday 7 October 2010

Slim-Bot is done!

Just a short note to let everyone in the universe know that the most amazing animated space adventure of all time is now done! (well done rendering anyway...) There will be more announcements in the coming weeks about how it will be released and where you can get it or see it or whatever!

So soon I will be able to get on with all the other projects that have been piling up over the last 6 months.. such as Ten new episodes of Space Station Zero, a new album by me, Blaise Kolodychuk.. which I have already recorded about 13 tracks for over the last year and a half... some possible upcoming live shows by Elaine Boyling and Dinojubilee, New Dinojubilee recordings... as well as some old fashioned experimental horror that has been lacking in my life as of late.

But never mind all that now... SLIM-BOT is done!!

A Slim-Bot website will be up within the next week or so I imagine.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Dear children of the universe....

I would like to send out a massive apology to all the children of the known, and unknown universe... I realize that there was new episodes of SPACE STATION ZERO planned for an August release. However, because of the huge amount of work that I have been putting in to the children's space adventure / animated extravaganza and amazingness which is SLIM-BOT, I haven't had the time to complete the first new episode of Space Station Zero... The good news is that the new episodes have all been shot, and it is a matter of filming various other short segments, and making lots of cartoon bits... but it may still be a while until the new episodes are actually released. I am going to spend all of my time finishing SLIM-BOT before I do anything else.

-Love Captain Blaise.

Friday 27 August 2010

Happy SC Anniversary Day!

It has been 27 years since SC became the most important thing in the universe....

Monday 16 August 2010

Summer time full assault on my limits...

I can not remember a time when I have been so totally busy with everything in the universe.. it isn't just the projects I am working on now, but it is also all the projects I have going on in my head that I am figuring out and planning and hoping for... not only that, but life outside of SC Entertainment (which really is included in life inside SC Entertainment as well) is very very busy as well... In the last couple months Kelton and Mikaela have decided to live in the SC commune permanently, and it is amazing... here is a look at what kelton has been up to: (it is only a test, I will post a link to his latest short film when it is available)

Anyway, I have been spending my time, as you know, making the new Space Station Zero shows... which I am behind in.. but it will get rolling soon.. I am almost done the first episode.. and just need to film a couple more segments... but the down low is that it is better than you could imagine.. because it is as good as the first batch from 3 years ago.

The other project that has been taking up all my time is Slim-Bot.. which I got a grant to make courtesy of the alberta foundation for the arts... Slim-Bot is a massive undertaking of really low grade animation and space adventure... I would say it is about a third done.. but really it is probably less than that... I am loving it and am totally happy with how it is turning out so far...

Not only will it be the most amazing animated film of all time, about a Robot's travels through space with the only survivor of a colonization ship.. who happens to be amazing at making bread, on a mission to find the love of Slim's life, Helga-Bot.. and to free slaves and end the oppression of ghosts on goo planet... but it is also a live action kid's show starring Kristy Lannan, and Terry Ramsay on a western outpost on the moon!

That is enough to excite every last one of you.. I hope.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Space Station Zero Has Begun Shooting!

Last weekend almost the whole crew of the new Space Station Zero show got together and did loads and loads of filming! It was super fun and worked out amazingly! Captain Blaise and Captain Zeep were in good form, and Captain Marisa is more amazing and funnier than she has ever been! In one episode even Captain Elaine, who usually only transmits her messages from Earth even visited the Space Station for a bit! And some new friends who you will get to meet, like Captain Suzie, and Space Cadet Miette, who are staying at the Space Station, while Space Station Yellow 52 is getting renovated. And There are even more surprises to come in the months ahead.
I plan on the first episode of the new series to hit the internet some time in early August... with episodes following that every couple weeks. You will be happy to know, that due to lack of money we were unable to sell out, and the show is just as much fun as it always was... with piles of songs and crafts and cartoons and all the space station action you can imagine.

I will keep you all updated, and remember to go to for all the latest news!

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Coming This Summer...

It has been three long years, but prepare yourself for the greatest space adventure / educational children's show of all time to return to bring joy and happiness to the universe! With Captain Blaise! Captain Zeep! Captain Marisa! Captain Elaine! Professor Vahini! and introducing... Captain Suzie! Captain Magic Pants! Mogma Rex! Linda Lizard! Unicorn! and Space Cadet Miette! and even more surprises!!

Sunday 16 May 2010

Dinojubilee - Live Performances On-Line

Dinojubilee will put a series of special Live performances on the internet.
They were recorded at a secret location, but will be available to everyone on the planet who has the internet.
Some songs from the first three dinojubilee records will be played.

The performances will be available starting Monday May 17th, and a new song will be uploaded each day all week.

The first song available will be DINOSAUR PLUMS! Starting tomorrow! So come back and watch!

originally posted at:

Sunday 9 May 2010

Watch Out! Here Come BUFFALO MEN!

Terry Ramsay, Earl Nakesch, and Slim Shibley have created BUFFALO MEN.

It is now time to pee your pants.

Saturday 24 April 2010

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

So we finished up our first day there and it was loads and loads of fun, and tons of people seemed really excited about all the things that we do! Anyway, if you weren't there today, you should come tomorrow because there is loads of super amazing things to check out there, and probably something for everyone to get excited about.. even apart from us.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Two New Records

The Music Of...  Space Station Zero

1.       Brain in a vat (space station zero theme)
2.       Train wrecks and music
3.       Zeep's favourite sounds
4.       Mysteries
5.       The alphabet song
6.       Zeep's favourite letters
7.       Jar of peanut butter
8.       You're in a jungle, you are being chased by a tiger and all of a sudden you turn in to pudding (the hotdog song)
9.       The animal song
10.   I wish I was a monkey
11.   Numbers!
12.   Carrots eat pie
13.   Pies, eggs, and rice
14.   Box shaped clown with string for hair
15.   Zeep's favourite craft (another hotdog song)
16.   Dancing makes me feel like a man inside
17.   Camels!
18.   Marisa's dance theme
19.   Super fun dance party
20.   I like to fly
21.   Space is lonely
22.   Where is Zeep?
23.   The hat song
24.   Goats who fly (I miss my friends)
25.   Hygiene and friends
26.   Horse man's candy song
27.   Brush your teeth

1.  fukachuk egg machine / return of the lizard girl (2009)
2.  dinojubilee / dinosaur plums (2009)
3.  death ray gun / pink is the colour (2008)
4.  toc choi / rooftop sleeper (2006)
5.  elaine boyling / brain in a vat (2007)
6.  fukachuk egg machine / eggs for sale (1998)
7.  death ray gun / small amounts (2005)
8.  electric oinks / no pants (1997)
9.  death ray gun / gag (2005)
10.  fukachuk egg machine / monument (2007)
11.  die spinne / don't feed me cheese (Live) (1996)
12.  dinojubilee / cats (2010)
13.  elaine boyling / birth of mogma rex (2006)
14.  fukachuk egg machine / the end of things (2008)
15.  violet tumble / wish house (2001)
16.  dinojubilee / cardboard sea (2009)
17.  fukachuk egg machine / bathtub full of lilies (Live) (2005)
18.  elaine boyling / green parrot (2007)
19.  dinojubilee / wash day (2010)
20.  Ghost Rights Activism / greyskull (2007)
21.  dinojubilee / hold your horses (2010)
22.  bloody somethings / 12 (Live) (2006)

To get these please write me: 

Sunday 14 March 2010

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Olive DVD available on Monday March 8th 2010

On Monday the Olive DVD will be all ready to watch for all the boys and girls of the universe. It is $10.00 and you can go here to Order it:

The DVD comes in some hand made packaging and includes some exciting bonus features.. such as:

The Magic Show. Starring Olive and The Milk Man.. with special guest appearances by Bumble Bee and The Clock Work Wolf!
Olive & The Triceratops. Another short Olive adventure in paper animation.
The Making Of Olive. Super Cool Making of Movie.
Pumpkin Getting. Short animation I made while I testing out what I would be doing with Olive.
One Day On The Beach. Another short animation...
Trailer For Olive.
The Original Story of Olive Read By Blaise Kolodychuk. At one point Olive talked... a lot!

and even more special stuff....

I hope you all like it... I will also be having a special Olive DVD give a way contest starting right.... now.
send me an e-mail with a picture of your favourite toy attached. I will get Ms. Miette Kolodychuk to choose her favourite five pictures, and those people will get a free DVD.
e-mail me at


Friday 12 February 2010

New Dinojubilee Website / Blog type news deal site.

Check it out and add it to your lists of the coolest places to go on the internet... I will update it with all the latest dinojubilee news and other things. Go there now to check out the new videos for the songs 'WASH DAY' & 'BRIAR ROSE'

Monday 1 February 2010

Olive to be unveiled in a few days!

Are you excited? Well you should be.... Olive is coming soon!! And you get to watch it as soon as it is released, on account of I am going to upload it to the internet! Don't let the internet fool you however... the best way to see Olive is on the super amazing deluxe DVD full of amazing things...

In the mean time, please go check out the super amazing neato-rific OLIVE WEB SITE!

There is all sorts of interesting things to read and watch there, including the Trailer for Olive, as well as the Making of Olive Documentary thing..

You can get the scoop on what this Olive flick is actually all about, and what all the people in it are all about....

I hope you love it to bits.. and stay tuned for February 5th, when Olive will be available to watch on-line!

The DVD will also be available that day, and will include:

The Full Movie!

Plus these cool Bonus Features:
The Magic Show. Starring Olive and The Milk Man.. with special guest appearances by Bumble Bee and The Clock Work Wolf!

The Making Of Olive. Super Cool Making of Movie.

Pumpkin Getting. Short animation I made while I testing out what I would be doing with Olive.

One Day On The Beach. Another short animation...

Trailer For Olive.

The Original Story of Olive Read By Blaise Kolodychuk. At one point Olive talked... a lot!

Saturday 23 January 2010

Dinojubilee - From A Town Called Festival Antler

The brand new Dinojubilee is about to be unleashed into the Universe! 10 more songs of super amazingness.. picking up from where The Cardboard Sea left off and adding about a million times of excitement.. you will not be disappointed, or even feel slightly let down when you hear this record!

Track List:

1. from a town called festival antler
2. bowl of fruit

3. plaza
4. this is how it is
5. chalk drawings
6. waiting for the garden
7. soap animals
8. bottom cabinate
9. wash day
10. hold your horses

You can pre-order this one today if you are so inclined... the release date is January 29th 2010.

You can get a CD copy for $10.00 or get a digital download for $5
Go here to pay with paypal / credit card:

Thanks for all your support!

Monday 18 January 2010

OLIVE - New Trailer and more news!

The new trailer for Olive is now available to watch... The movie is now done! I am now working on supplementary things for the super exciting DVD... Things like making of Olive thingy, and some other short films with the characters from Olive!

I am going to have the film Olive available to watch on-line early February... around the same time the DVD will be available.

Olive was a lot of work.. and I care about it very much.. I hope you will enjoy it a lot.

Violet Tumble Ten Year Anniversary

Now that it is 10 years since the first Violet Tumble album, 3 Violet Tumble books will be available. There is a book of lyrics, a book of writing and stories, and a book of the scripts of two plays. These books may only be available in very limited numbers and for a very short time, but please let me know if you would... like them. A CD of early and unreleased Violet Tumble songs will also be available.

Thursday 7 January 2010

Download New Dinojubilee Album For Free!

The first ever Dinojubilee album, The Cardboard Sea is out NOW!
You can either get a CD version by e-mailing me for details at
Or you can listen to, or download the whole album free on-line by going to THIS PAGE

The second Dinojubilee record will be released later this month!