Monday 7 December 2009


Hey.. Now in production! (along with all the other things now in production...) Slim-Bot! A brand new animated adventure about a Robot named Slim-Bot and his trusted companion Norma as they go out in search of justice in the universe and try to rescue Slim-Bot's beloved Helga-Bot from the clutches of the sinister Goo-Men! If you liked Space Cow.. you will go absolutely insane with happiness when you finally get to see Slim-Bot! Not only will there be the animated amazingness.. but the show will be hosted by your old pals Hank & Gerald! Along with all kinds of other amazing stuff.. this show is bound to PROPEL YOU INTO A DIMENSION OF SUPER HAPPY FUN-NESS..

To see a very early preview that probably has very little to do with the final result.. please click here:

This is due out sometime early next year!! I will keep you posted!

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