Monday, 21 September 2009


The SC Films upload project, in which I attempted to make every single SC Film from 1989 until now available to watch for free on-line is now mostly complete. Everything is now up to watch!
There is a total of 91 short and feature length films from the SC Archives up for your enjoyment and horror.
I have created a website to easily navigate your way around to find the film you are looking for by year.

You will now also be directed to this site if you click on the "Video" link on the main menu of this site.
Like I said, the project is mostly done.. what that means is I have yet to add information and credits to each film entry... other than that, everything is there.
I hope you have time to enjoy some of this...
Don't forget the new film BEEFART & CHEENKAW (Which is the latest entry on this new website)

And later this week the other film we have been working on this year "Unicorn Making A Video" will also be on-line to watch!
Basically I am asking everyone to quit their jobs and spend the rest of their lives watching things we made.

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