Sunday 30 August 2009

SC 26th Anniversary Pt. 1

Well SC turned 26 on August the 27th... I would have wrote my annual "Why you should love SC more than anything else in the whole world" article for the website then.. but I have been without internet.. I am still without internet.. but I will be back soon, and I have plans to redesign a lot of Internet SC Land soon.

By the way, Internet SC Land is gigantic... bigger than I ever remember.. It is this website.. which if you actually dig in to, is really huge. Not only this website, but also the fukachuk egg machine website, which is also huge.. the space station zero site.. the death ray gun site.. the elaine boyling site.. and the site.. out of state, zebra for sally.. and all sorts of other things i always forget about.. like the fowler creek site, and the SC20 site.. and god knows what else.

I spend a lot of my time doing this stuff... and I hope you people all appreciate it.. I would love it if you liked it all.. but thats just impossible... but as long as you appreciate the fact that me and Elaine, and Terry, and Gord.. and all the rest of the SC Brotherhood are out there doing this... and still not getting paid.. after 26 long years.

For an insite in to the history of SC Entertainment you can check out last years amazing documentary "25 Years of Mayhem"

Anyway.. I will write more about the adventure which is Super Cool Entertainment in a few days... until then.. wait it out.

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