Wednesday 8 July 2009

Busy Month of SC Filming

Hey there.. just a quick SC note to let you know there is a trailer for the movie I have been working on the last few months.. "Olive" I am only about half done shooting.. so it is only really half a trailer.. but it will show you at least half of what is to come...

I have also started pre-production on the long awaited Beefart and Cheenkaw Adventure movie... we begin shooting this Sunday! Get ready for Beefart and Cheenkaw and werewolves and aliens and sasquaches and vampires and ADVENTURE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!

We have also started shooting on the as yet slightly untitled previously known as Unicorn film.. which is kind of totally terrific.. (See picture above) It will most likely blow your freaking mind away...
Some other things to watch:
Death Ray Gun Live in Dirt -
Death Ray Gun Video for Clothes -

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