Saturday 14 February 2009

Looking For Lizards Out Today.

The new double album and book set is out today... I had an ultra exciting free draw, or raffle, if you will, for 10 free copies of this set. I have had a modest amount of entries.. which just sort of proves to me that not a lot of people care much about the things I do.. even when I go on and on about how much it means to me.. that's fine.. I'm used to it.. it just means the few people who actually were interested in the things I do will all be rewarded.. since there wasn't much more than ten enties any way, I will give everyone who put their name in the draw a copy of the record. It also means I wasn't quite prepared for more than ten free records, so i am going to have to get some more made.. but it matters not.. I'm sure I will have them out in the mail by the end of the week. 
If for some reason you are still interested in owning my new records, please e-mail me.. I will be selling physical copies, and giving away digital copies that you can down load.

To the people that entered the draw, you all won, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for having an interest in the things I do... because it is basically all I am.

Friday 6 February 2009

Free Music Draw.

So the new fukachuk egg machine double album will be out on Feb. 14th..
It is called "Looking for Lizards" and has 25 new songs split in to the two albums 'lost in the forest' and 'building the swing' I have been working on it for months and it is a culmination of many different things that have happened. There is a lot of Blaise in this record.. probably far too much.. but it makes for something that I am very proud of and something that means a great deal to me. It also simply just sort of kicks ass on top of all that. So it is 2 CDs as well as a 52 page book that is actually kind of really beautiful. The whole thing is kind of a beautiful little package dedicated to some music that means a lot. 

So here's the deal.. I would like for everyone on earth to own it free of charge.. as usual. But the truth is.. this beautiful little package of amazingness takes a lot of work and money to make. So I propose this solution: 

I will be having a draw for 10 free copies of the double album.

Please send me your name and mailing address immediately to be included.. I'm not joking when i say it could change your life. 

On february 14th I will draw 10 names out of some sort of container and post the winners on the sc website. 

If at that point you still want a copy and were not picked in the super amazing free draw, I will make MP3s and artwork available for download in a zip file.. just write me and tell me you want it. Sure it's not as pretty as the amazing Box set thingy.. but it gets the job done.

If you are still desperate to own the box and the cds and the book... then write me and I will figure out a price.

And please I beg you, once you actually have the CDs or MP3s.. please make copies and give to your friends.. put on mix tapes.. and leave them laying around on park benches.. and stuff..

But it matters not right now... I'M CRAZY BLAISE AND I'M GIVING AWAY CDs FOR FREE! Just send me your name to be included in the draw!

For more information on the new record, and all things fukachuk.. I have completely redesigned the fukachuk egg machine web site to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen... It might be slightly confusing at first, but you will get the hang of it. Kind of exactly like my music.

There are a couple new videos from the record out now.. you can see them on the website.
or here:

and here is a short commercial I made for the new record.

and here is a video of me screaming like a girl and wearing shorts .

I hope you all take advantage of this new record.. it kind of means the world to me.. and it kind of saved my life in a lot of ways. 

Take care!