Thursday, 15 January 2009

Death Ray Gun - No Trespassing

The first new release from SC in 2009 is the astounding new Death Ray Gun album: No Trespassing. It features music all recorded last year in Calgary Alberta by both Blaise and Elaine. It has six new tracks of mind altering hypnotic ear splitting music that would make Luigi Russolo blush. 

The song Rainbows is available to listen to and download HERE.

If you want to own this album, please contact me via e-mail. I can ship you a CD or I can send you the MP3s of all the songs.

Coming up in a few weeks...the new fukachuk egg machine double album. it's probably the most important thing I have ever done.. and it kind of is a very big deal to me... it comes from a lot of different places... I will give you more info later.... for now, please enjoy some new DEATH RAY GUN!

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