Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dinojubilee - The Cardboard Sea

The first amazing album from Dinojubilee will be out on December 19th! This is the moment you have all been waiting for.. I hope you love it as much as I do. Also, the new issue of SC Propaganda magazine is out now. To get a copy please e-mail me your mailing address. To get the new Dinojubilee, please e-mail me for details! Thanks! kolodychuk@gmail.com

Monday, 7 December 2009


Hey.. Now in production! (along with all the other things now in production...) Slim-Bot! A brand new animated adventure about a Robot named Slim-Bot and his trusted companion Norma as they go out in search of justice in the universe and try to rescue Slim-Bot's beloved Helga-Bot from the clutches of the sinister Goo-Men! If you liked Space Cow.. you will go absolutely insane with happiness when you finally get to see Slim-Bot! Not only will there be the animated amazingness.. but the show will be hosted by your old pals Hank & Gerald! Along with all kinds of other amazing stuff.. this show is bound to PROPEL YOU INTO A DIMENSION OF SUPER HAPPY FUN-NESS..

To see a very early preview that probably has very little to do with the final result.. please click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGEvvASWKGQ

This is due out sometime early next year!! I will keep you posted!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Dinojubilee music available for download

Some songs from the soon to be released first album (and possibly from the soon to be released second album) are available to listen to and download from the soundclick website!

You can also check them out on facebook.. listen to some more music and become a fan!

In other news.... OLIVE IS ON A FREAKING BOAT!

You GO girl!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

OLIVE back in production.

The super amazing fantastical stop motion animated epic film OLIVE is once again being worked on in the newly contructed home of SC Studios...
Olive is a movie about a girl... her name is Olive. She lives in a world in the back of a very old cellar inside a very old terrarium... and beyond. Olive is trying to find friends, and keep people okay. However there is a particularily grumpy wolf made of clockwork who seems to think Olive took something of his.

Anyway, I will keep updating on the state of this film..

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dinojubilee - New Video

The band formerly known as death ray gun has re-grouped in a new form to produce some new music for the people of the universe to enjoy. This new band is called Dinojubilee, and there is a video available to watch for the first new song.. Keep watching for loads more to come from this band.. as well as a new record which is being recorded now some time in the near future...

Watch the new video for the song Dinosaur Plums: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzlbvWjihT8

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


This is a movie about Unicorn making a video.. and about her friends and lots of things.. Starring Unicorn, and Zilla, and Lola, and The Spirit of the Cheetos, and Cavegirl and more!

I hope you all enjoy this film..

Monday, 21 September 2009


The SC Films upload project, in which I attempted to make every single SC Film from 1989 until now available to watch for free on-line is now mostly complete. Everything is now up to watch!
There is a total of 91 short and feature length films from the SC Archives up for your enjoyment and horror.
I have created a website to easily navigate your way around to find the film you are looking for by year.


You will now also be directed to this site if you click on the "Video" link on the main menu of this site.
Like I said, the project is mostly done.. what that means is I have yet to add information and credits to each film entry... other than that, everything is there.
I hope you have time to enjoy some of this...
Don't forget the new film BEEFART & CHEENKAW (Which is the latest entry on this new website)

And later this week the other film we have been working on this year "Unicorn Making A Video" will also be on-line to watch!
Basically I am asking everyone to quit their jobs and spend the rest of their lives watching things we made.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

BEEFART & CHEENKAW - The Motion Picture


After appearing in 7 major SC productions, The crime fighting force of Beefart and Cheenkaw are finally in a movie all to themselves! Cheenkaw is trying to find a way to get his best friend Beefart to come back from the dead after being killed by the walking fish man.. Meanwhile there is a fleet of alien space ships on it's way to destroy the Earth! And werewolves! And Vampires! And Laura McKnees!

Blaise Kolodychuk as BEEFART
Terry Ramsay as CHEENKAW
Kristy Lanna as LAURA McKNEES

Click HERE to watch in Hi-Def!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Massive SC Films internet project

I have decided that all the SC films made from 1989 until the present should be available for everyone on the planet to watch... And so I am uploading massive amounts of video to the internet... in various locations. The problem is that a lot of SC films pre-1999 had other people`s `copyright`music in them... and youtube don`t like that very much... so i am trying other sources that might not notice things like that as much...
anyway, that`s my problem, not yours...

So far I have 60 out of 95 short and feature length films on line. Most of what is left are films that are only on VHS tape, and I need to convert them to digital the hard way to get them on line.

Anyway, that is what is going down... In other news, BEEFART & CHEENKAW is going to be released next week... as well as UNICORN MAKING A VIDEO... both are ridiculously fantastic... and I hope you enjoy them... I will soon be setting up the new home of SC Studios and starting work on the stop motion animation 'Olive' again... which will be very exciting for me.. as I love that movie very much...

I will update in a little while with more info on the SC Upload project.. and hopefully I will have a webpage where it makes things very easy to find the movies you are looking for.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Unicorn Making A Video! The Trailer

Coming Soon!

Website Updates

Just a quick update to let you know that all the links to external websites should be working again. You also may need to change your bookmarks.. if there is actually anyone on the planet who has bookmarked any of the SC websites..
There will also be some ongoing updates and changes to this main site.. so please keep checking back to see the fun that may or may not be taking place.

The changed web addresses are as follow:
fukachuk egg machine
death ray gun
ghost rights activism
elaine boyling
a zebra for sally
25 years of mayhem
space station zero
out of state
fowler creek

Sunday, 30 August 2009

SC 26th Anniversary Pt. 1

Well SC turned 26 on August the 27th... I would have wrote my annual "Why you should love SC more than anything else in the whole world" article for the website then.. but I have been without internet.. I am still without internet.. but I will be back soon, and I have plans to redesign a lot of Internet SC Land soon.

By the way, Internet SC Land is gigantic... bigger than I ever remember.. It is this website.. which if you actually dig in to, is really huge. Not only this website, but also the fukachuk egg machine website, which is also huge.. the space station zero site.. the death ray gun site.. the elaine boyling site.. and the kolodychuk.com site.. out of state, zebra for sally.. and all sorts of other things i always forget about.. like the fowler creek site, and the SC20 site.. and god knows what else.

I spend a lot of my time doing this stuff... and I hope you people all appreciate it.. I would love it if you liked it all.. but thats just impossible... but as long as you appreciate the fact that me and Elaine, and Terry, and Gord.. and all the rest of the SC Brotherhood are out there doing this... and still not getting paid.. after 26 long years.

For an insite in to the history of SC Entertainment you can check out last years amazing documentary "25 Years of Mayhem" http://scentertainment.freehostia.com/sc25/

Anyway.. I will write more about the adventure which is Super Cool Entertainment in a few days... until then.. wait it out.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Best of Beefart & Cheenkaw

Hello.. I hope your summer is a pleasant one.

Very soon the fantastic new film "BEEFART & CHEENKAW" will be out and available to the masses of the world.. i know many of you have been waiting a very long time for these two master crime fighters to get their own movie.. and now the wait will soon be over!

In the mean time, there is a Special "Best of Beefart and Cheenkaw" thing you can watch that I put together.. It has some of the best Beefart and Cheenkaw scenes from the last 16 years... there are a lot of good ones and it is about 40 minutes long.. but it is worth it...

Thanks, and I will keep you updated on when to expect the new movie!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Beefart & Cheenkaw & Laura McKnees Movie

Just a note to let all the rabid fans of Beefart & Cheenkaw & Super Secretary Laura McKnees know that the exciting new movie has began shooting! We have done a bunch of sceens in the super amazing Beefart and Cheenkaw HQ, and tomorrow we will be shooting some scenes with a vampire! Come sunday we meet the werewolf! So things are progressing in an exciting way.. stay tuned for more updates.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Busy Month of SC Filming

Hey there.. just a quick SC note to let you know there is a trailer for the movie I have been working on the last few months.. "Olive" I am only about half done shooting.. so it is only really half a trailer.. but it will show you at least half of what is to come...

I have also started pre-production on the long awaited Beefart and Cheenkaw Adventure movie... we begin shooting this Sunday! Get ready for Beefart and Cheenkaw and werewolves and aliens and sasquaches and vampires and ADVENTURE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!

We have also started shooting on the as yet slightly untitled previously known as Unicorn film.. which is kind of totally terrific.. (See picture above) It will most likely blow your freaking mind away...
Some other things to watch:
Death Ray Gun Live in Dirt - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cn0l0LOTmY
Death Ray Gun Video for Clothes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Nzkz24QOa4

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Olive Cast Photo

Here is a cast photo from the new movie I am working on called "Olive" It is going really well, and is probably about a third done.. so expect the cast to grow a lot more in the future.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Olive and other updates

Hello.. it has been almost two months since I have last updated this website.. I apologize, as I haven't been quite myself lately... but on to more exciting things.

I have been working on and off for almost a year on an idea I had to make a new film.. and it is finally being realized.. it is very exciting. The film is called Olive, and is about a girl named Olive who lives in a terrarium in the basement of a very old house.. she goes on a rather astonishing adventure and meets some very astonishing people and things. There is obviously a lot more to it than that, but those are the basics.. it is kind of a fairy tale in a lot of ways, and it is all stop motion animation. so it is probably going to take me forever to finish... but the important part is that i have finally started. 

I have also started coming up with a plan for a new sort of children's show / cartoon / variety thing... it is still a little rough right now.. but the basics are that it will have an old west / outer space kind of theme to it.. with an emphasis on the old west. it will be hosted by our two favourite sock puppets in the universe, Hank & Gerald.. and have different parts with an on going cartoon adventure about Ruby, a cat from the Old West in the future... sort of thing.
At any rate it will be very exciting, and I am hoping to get Terry Ramsay involved, and perhaps some more friends from Space Station Zero... 

This summer should produce some very exciting things from SC.. so I hope you all start salivating in anticipation now.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Archive Update.

I have found a box of amazing things from SC's sorted past, some old SC newsletters that I thought for sure had been lost forever years ago, and some old catalogues and a bunch of other things.. at any rate I have updated the 'SC Archive" section to reflect these exciting finds.

I would encourage you all to check out some of the things I was up to in the mid 90's... not so surprisingly it is kind of exactly what I am doing right now.. only with paper and stamps rather than with this neat-o computer!

I have also converted all the issues of SC Propaganda to PDFs.. so it may be slightly easier for you to read them all.. and you WILL read them all.

(side note.. I swore a lot in the 90's)

The SC Archives are HERE

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Limited Edition Fukachuk EP

Just a quick note to let you know that a very talented young lady i know is holding a special 3rd anniversary event to commemorate her monthly gothic industrial themed event called 'Chimera" on thursday march 26th.
at any rate she will be giving out some free goodies to people that evening in some way that i'm not sure if i understand or not.. the good news is that aside from treats from some actual musicians, she will also have a handful of a special fukachuk egg machine records that as for now, and possibly ever will only be available at that event. it has three special mixes from the 'looking for lizards' double album, as well as a bunch of 'b-sides' to those songs that aren't available anywhere else.. so i encourage you to go check it out on thursday, and if you are really unlucky, you may end up with some limited edition fukachuk music that you will one day no doubt show your grandchildren, as they shake their heads in shame of even knowing you... 

for more information please visit the website for chimera : http://www.angelsofdisruption.com/chimera/



Monday, 9 March 2009

A Million Million Million Years

Here is the latest fukachuk video from the new double record set. I like this one a lot actually.. I kind of look like hell.. probably just because thats the way I look these days.. but it's a good song either way. The response from the new record has been really good so far, and i'm glad people are actually listening to it. If you don't have it yet, please contact me at kolodychuk@gmail.com. I am asking for $10, in any way you feel like getting the money to me. It is a rather complicated package and two CDs and a book and stuff.. so thats why I am actually asking for money. Please feel free to tell me a sad story about why you can't afford it and chances are you will get it any way.. 
I am also offering it as a free MP3 download as well.. Just e-mail me and I will send you a link to a zip file. All I want in payment for that method is that you listen to the music and tell me what you think. 

I will try to continue making more videos from this record. I am looking for people to be in some of them.. if you want to be in something, and have a flexible schedule please e-mail me.

See you later!

Monday, 2 March 2009


The fourth video from the Looking For Lizards CDs is 'Passageway'. I hope you enjoy it. Coming up next will be the video for 'A Million Million Million Years' in my quest to make a video for every one of the 25 songs on my new record... they will either increasingly get better, or shittier.. I am not sure which yet.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Looking For Lizards Out Today.

The new double album and book set is out today... I had an ultra exciting free draw, or raffle, if you will, for 10 free copies of this set. I have had a modest amount of entries.. which just sort of proves to me that not a lot of people care much about the things I do.. even when I go on and on about how much it means to me.. that's fine.. I'm used to it.. it just means the few people who actually were interested in the things I do will all be rewarded.. since there wasn't much more than ten enties any way, I will give everyone who put their name in the draw a copy of the record. It also means I wasn't quite prepared for more than ten free records, so i am going to have to get some more made.. but it matters not.. I'm sure I will have them out in the mail by the end of the week. 
If for some reason you are still interested in owning my new records, please e-mail me.. I will be selling physical copies, and giving away digital copies that you can down load.

To the people that entered the draw, you all won, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for having an interest in the things I do... because it is basically all I am.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Free Music Draw.

So the new fukachuk egg machine double album will be out on Feb. 14th..
It is called "Looking for Lizards" and has 25 new songs split in to the two albums 'lost in the forest' and 'building the swing' I have been working on it for months and it is a culmination of many different things that have happened. There is a lot of Blaise in this record.. probably far too much.. but it makes for something that I am very proud of and something that means a great deal to me. It also simply just sort of kicks ass on top of all that. So it is 2 CDs as well as a 52 page book that is actually kind of really beautiful. The whole thing is kind of a beautiful little package dedicated to some music that means a lot. 

So here's the deal.. I would like for everyone on earth to own it free of charge.. as usual. But the truth is.. this beautiful little package of amazingness takes a lot of work and money to make. So I propose this solution: 

I will be having a draw for 10 free copies of the double album.

Please send me your name and mailing address immediately to be included.. I'm not joking when i say it could change your life. 

On february 14th I will draw 10 names out of some sort of container and post the winners on the sc website. 

If at that point you still want a copy and were not picked in the super amazing free draw, I will make MP3s and artwork available for download in a zip file.. just write me and tell me you want it. Sure it's not as pretty as the amazing Box set thingy.. but it gets the job done.

If you are still desperate to own the box and the cds and the book... then write me and I will figure out a price.

And please I beg you, once you actually have the CDs or MP3s.. please make copies and give to your friends.. put on mix tapes.. and leave them laying around on park benches.. and stuff..

But it matters not right now... I'M CRAZY BLAISE AND I'M GIVING AWAY CDs FOR FREE! Just send me your name to be included in the draw!

For more information on the new record, and all things fukachuk.. I have completely redesigned the fukachuk egg machine web site to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen... It might be slightly confusing at first, but you will get the hang of it. Kind of exactly like my music.

There are a couple new videos from the record out now.. you can see them on the website.
or here:

and here is a short commercial I made for the new record.

and here is a video of me screaming like a girl and wearing shorts .

I hope you all take advantage of this new record.. it kind of means the world to me.. and it kind of saved my life in a lot of ways. 

Take care!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Looking For Lizards.

I have been working almost every single night non stop for the last 3 months or more on a fukachuk egg machine record.. heck, I started recording some of this stuff before the last record even came out... any way it is nearing being finished now.. and will be released on February 14th. This is a very important record and I just wanted to tell you it was coming. It will be a double album.. something fukachuk has never done before.. it will have 25 new songs and be more amazing than anything you have ever heard in your life. anyone who knows anything about me knows that the last few months have been.. well.. eventful, to say the least. but my point is that I have obviously had a lot to write about and think about and scream about and sing about... my other point is that this is a good record.. and i have been doing things with music that i have never done before.. and it is all very exciting and very big.. crushingly so.. anyway, you don`t come across a record like this very often in your life.. it is called "looking for lizards." disc one is titled 'lost in the forest' and disc two is titled 'building the swing'.. from start to finish the whole album is connected and lays out a story and an idea, and takes you through most parts of all the things that have made up fukachuk egg machine over the last ten years. I can't really stress enough how much this record really means to me.

It also includes a 52 page book. Because there is so much that goes in to the whole 'looking for lizards' package, I won't be making too many of them. I may have a draw at some point over the next couple weeks for some free copies.. so keep watching for that. and as always, if you aren't recieving the sc e-mail newsletter, please send me your e-mail address to be put on my mailing list, so you don't miss out on exciting things like this record.. and free stuff.. and everything we do here.

go to the fukachuk website to watch a commercial I made for the new record.

For those of you who might unfortunatly miss out on owning an actual copy of 'Looking For Lizards' because of it's limited release... I will also be making all the songs available in a download package with art and stuff for anyone who wants it.. but a little later on.. If you are desperate to own one after all the free copies are gone, I will make you one, but I will have to charge you.. Just because it is a lot of work and costs me money to make. (But it is worth it for sure)

I will sort this mess out before the release date... don't worry.

I am also in the middle of completely re-designing the fukachuk egg machine website, to make it far less user friendly, and more confusing than you ever thought possible... but that project is probably going to take a while, as i have rather large plans for what i want to do with it.

Anyway, thanks.. take care. wish me luck.......

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Death Ray Gun - No Trespassing

The first new release from SC in 2009 is the astounding new Death Ray Gun album: No Trespassing. It features music all recorded last year in Calgary Alberta by both Blaise and Elaine. It has six new tracks of mind altering hypnotic ear splitting music that would make Luigi Russolo blush. 

The song Rainbows is available to listen to and download HERE.

If you want to own this album, please contact me via e-mail. I can ship you a CD or I can send you the MP3s of all the songs.

Coming up in a few weeks...the new fukachuk egg machine double album. it's probably the most important thing I have ever done.. and it kind of is a very big deal to me... it comes from a lot of different places... I will give you more info later.... for now, please enjoy some new DEATH RAY GUN!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Welcome to 2009

We are upon a brand new year of potential SC excitement.. what adventures may or may not unfold?

the last few years have been creative monsters and i don't expect myself to let up any time soon. last year saw the release of a zebra for sally, and all sorts of death ray gun excitement.. as well as FOUR fukachuk egg machine records... i think it might have been a personal best in that department.
2007 was spent in a space station.. and filming zebra for sally. 2006 was the year of out of state and space cow... and it goes on and on..
This year will hopefully see the creation of several projects I have planned. I am already in the midst of recording the most important and greatest fukachuk egg machine record of all time... it might be a double album... and i have big plans for it.. the music i have made so far is something new and exciting and beyond anything I have ever tried before. I have been planning out and sorting out and figuring out a new film i want to make about a girl named Olive.. as it stands it is going to be completely stop motion animated.. but i have changed my mind about this movie a lot.. so we will just have to wait and see what my brain decides to do when it's time. I know the story, and I know that Kristy Lannan will be Olive.. if that mean acting, or just voice work, I don't know yet. Another project I want to make this year is the super amazing Beefart and Cheenkaw Adventure.. it has been in the works way too long.. and the script is the best writing I have ever done in my life. I just have to make it I think... maybe when it gets warm out again...
All these things are super big deals.. life changing stuff.. and it is just the tip of the mountain which is sc entertainment in 2009... I also promise to continue my crusade to fight for justice in the universe.. and I shall do it with lasers and death ray guns...

something new to watch... a video for a song from your new favourite record.. the upcoming new fukachuk egg machine album.. the song is called water.
check it out here