Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Small Things

The new fukachuk egg machine album "A Bear inside A Box" is out now.. with 12 new songs.. you can listen to, and download the whole album from the fukachuk web site 
just click on the album link.
you can also just e-mail me and I will send you a copy if you like.

Also, to accompany the new record is a brand new fukachuk egg machine movie!

It is called "The Small Things", it is the seventh fukachuk movie and shows the events that take place after the box and beyond. Sindy looks at herself and sees the things she has done and chooses what significance they have on what she will do with the world around her... meanwhile her world is being created. it is starring amanda kolodychuk and katie priaulx.

watch it on

includes the songs:
weeds and wheels
lizard girl
scooped out parts
the controller mouse
the dogs have given up

on top of all this there is also a new fukachuk egg machine music video for the new song `mix it with milk` you can go check it out on youtube:
if you have ever had an interst in seeing me dance around in pajamas you should probably watch it, if that idea makes you feel a little sick.. please don`t watch it.