Thursday, 27 November 2008

A Zebra For Sally is the best movie you will ever see.

A Zebra for Sally is a movie I made.. I made it last year and finished it this year.. and I don`t really know what happened after that.. I think a few people saw it, not even all the cast and crew were there at the big unveiling party we had.. and I use the term party very very loosely. At any rate I needed to say more about this film. I have heard some criticisms about it, and I have heard a lot of good things about it.. but at the end of the day when I add everything up and I think about all the things that I went through to make this film and all the hard work from so many people.. from Terry getting covered in pudding, Barry stripping down to his underwear and getting covered in glue and fake blood.. or Kristy tirelessly and endlessly doing everybody`s make up plus her own almost full body make up every day.. to Christine who never questioned me, even when i told her to carry around a stuffed zebra and stare at the canned peas in safeway for 15 minutes while I secretly filmed her with a camera hidden under my coat. I didn`t even mention Isaac, because he was just so amazingly cool he transcends quirky stories. At any rate, when I take all that in to consideration, as well as all the personal crazyness I had to endure by actually making this bizarre ghost story with no money, no free time and no one but myself telling me what I should do.. at the end of the day, A Zebra For Sally is without a doubt, the best movie ever made. And it means a hell of a lot to me. I have heard people say that Out of State is my masterpiece.. but I disagree. Out of State is fucking genius, and in reality it was more hard work, and it was bigger and longer and had more action and adventure... but A Zebra for Sally is really my baby.. it is beautiful and exactly what I wanted.. from the hazy images and the classical backwards bizarro soundtrack that is the dictionary definition of atmospheric.. to the way ever one acts in that movie... it is beautiful.. sally is sally.. the sally from my head.. she is wonderful.. 
perfect. And Dale... oh my lord.. it has been over a year.. and I still think about the way she is with Father Woodman when they are sitting in the room... how she gives that little look off to the side.. that, without a doubt is my proudest moment of film making ever... and it has nothing to do with me.. Dale is simply just possessed.. and I caught it on film.. and I love it.
I could really go on and on and on about how much I love this movie.. and all the reasons it means so much to me... but my point is, it really is beautiful. and you should watch it.
It is best watched on TV.. e-mail me for a copy if you want it..
and if you don`t have the patience or the motivation to actually get yourself a DVD copy of it.. I have it on-line for you to watch.. You might have to be in the right mood.. you might not.. who knows.. but you should watch it.. If you look at it in the right way, in the way I intended, and twist it to be everything you ever needed.. then it can change your life.. 

and after you`re done, watch
the making of a zebra for sally here.

oh.. this all came about because I went to the zebra for sally website just now and had a look around.. at all the photos and the behind the scenes stuff, and I must have got all misty eyed or something... but you should check out the website also if you have a chance.

thanks for listening to me whine.


Sunday, 23 November 2008

All this stuff is connected

I have spent the last few days working hard to import all the SC News from the last 9 years in to this blog type format.. hey! I have been doing this a long time.... and now you can check it out easier than you ever thought possible! you can go to the archive section, or use the archive links on the side of every page if you are wondering about all the things we have been doing on the internet since before the start of this millennium.. 

In other news the new Death Ray Gun Live Album "Make It Disappear" is out now.. e-mail me if you want it.. it is very groovy.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Lots and lots of new things....

hello. there are a bunch more new things available. I will go through everything right now.. even the stuff I have already talked about... because it is all totally cool.


Tales From The Outer Space... In your mind!

A new collection of SC Short Films!


a true story
mysteries of the deep blue sea
soda cow
the bee movie
steve wozniak
death ray gun amazing adventure show
space cow cereal
cheeto master
pet snake
the adventures of francis and demone - the case

with bonus features:
countdown to destruction
secret book
sickness of the mind
bruno (alternate)
fukachuk egg machine 1998 - 2008

and even more!


Don't forget the other Collections of SC Short films from yesteryear...

a corbomite selection of fine doctrines


The Zipper Within
The Shirtless Hill
The Elegance Of Bathing
The Doctrine of Vitality
Buddy's Life Signs
The Adventures of Lonny and Ron
Leroy's Cake
Leroy's Shrimp
The Severed Josh
Humanity on Fire Parts one, two and three
Freak of Nature
Get Active!

what the bunny saw


slurpees from heaven
the art of duchess
the box
wiz the world is yours
living by the book
what the bunny saw
the head


a bowl full of week old milk and biscuits


Near Beginning
Box Shaped Dragon Tattoo
Veltrax Talks About Drinking and Driving
The Logical Rumination
The Birth Of Baby Dog
Near Middle
One With The Fish
Cough Drop Box
Marble Street Note Book
I Made You
Near End


New CDS!

a bear inside a boxa bear inside a box front cover small

Broken star under the tree of reason
Weeds and wheels
Shadow puppet ceiling makers (sink)
Miss the moon
Shakin’ time
Sliding over marbles
Mix it with milk
Stick lights
Daytime sleepers
The controller mouse
The end of things

filled with animals

Drown inside
Filled with animals
Human being taster
The things I need to say
The dogs have given up
Shape it
Human connections






fukachuk egg machine - mix it with milk


To own any of the above DVDs or CDs please e-mail me for details!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Small Things

The new fukachuk egg machine album "A Bear inside A Box" is out now.. with 12 new songs.. you can listen to, and download the whole album from the fukachuk web site 
just click on the album link.
you can also just e-mail me and I will send you a copy if you like.

Also, to accompany the new record is a brand new fukachuk egg machine movie!

It is called "The Small Things", it is the seventh fukachuk movie and shows the events that take place after the box and beyond. Sindy looks at herself and sees the things she has done and chooses what significance they have on what she will do with the world around her... meanwhile her world is being created. it is starring amanda kolodychuk and katie priaulx.

watch it on

includes the songs:
weeds and wheels
lizard girl
scooped out parts
the controller mouse
the dogs have given up

on top of all this there is also a new fukachuk egg machine music video for the new song `mix it with milk` you can go check it out on youtube:
if you have ever had an interst in seeing me dance around in pajamas you should probably watch it, if that idea makes you feel a little sick.. please don`t watch it.