Sunday, 26 October 2008

Death Ray Gun DVD

The collected death ray gun is now available for all the girls and boys of the universe...
It is like an hour and a half of all sorts of death ray gun excitment... it includes:

pink is the colour (video)
small amounts (live)
death ray gun amazing adventure show part one
the atomic age (video)
TAIL (a film by death ray gun)
pink is the colour (live)
LAWN (animated adventure)
Hoojib Island (video)
death ray gun amazing adventure show part two
brain in a vat (live)
small amounts (video)
song about people (live)
bone (Live)
Bear (video)
PET SNAKE(animated adventure)
No flies on me.(live)
Made from the sun (live)
valentine's day (live)

To own this please e-mail me for details.

Monday, 20 October 2008

fukachuk egg machine - a bear inside a box

There is a new fukachuk record being released on Halloween... October 31st. It is called A Bear Inside A Box and will contain 12 new songs. There will be much more information coming soon on the fukachuk egg machine web site (

The record will be available 3 different ways...

-I will post all the songs to listen to and download on the web.
-Upon request I will send you all the MP3s along with album artwork for you to download.
-And if you like actual CDs I will send you one in the mail if you like.